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Individuals breathing such an atmosphere may experience symptoms which include headaches, ringing in ears, dizziness, drowsiness, unconsciousness, nausea, vomiting and depression of all the senses. The skin of a victim may have a blue color. Under some circumstances, death may occur.

Hydrogen is not expected to cause mutagenicity, embryotoxicity, teratogenicity or reproductive toxicity. Pre-existing respiratory conditions may be aggravated by overexposure to hydrogen. On loss of containment, a harmful concentration of this gas in the air will be reached very quickly. The gas mixes well with air, explosive mixtures are easily formed. The gas is lighter than air. Heating may cause violent combustion or explosion. Reacts violently with air, oxygen, halogens and strong oxidants causing fire and explosion hazard.

Facts About Hydrogen

Metal catalysts, such as platinum and nickel , greatly enhance these reactions. High concentrations in the air cause a deficiency of oxygen with the risk of unconsciousness or death. Check oxygen content before entering area. No odor warning if toxic concentrations are present.

Facts About Hydrogen

Measure hydrogen concentrations with suitable gas detector a normal flammable gas detector is not suited for the purpose. Shut off supply; if not possible and no risk to surroundings, let the fire burn itself out; in other cases extinguish with water spray, powder, carbon dioxide. In case of fire: Combat fire from a sheltered position. Artificial respiration may be needed. Refer for medical attention.

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Hydrogen in the environment: The gas will be dissipated rapidly in well-ventilated areas. Effect on plants or animals: Any effect on animals would be related to oxygen deficient environments.

Hydrogen water may NOT be safe to drink! Find out WHY.

No adverse effect is anticipated to occur to plant life, except for frost produced in the presence of rapidly expanding gases. Effect on aquatic life: No evidence is currently available on the effect of hydrogen on aquatic life. Back to the periodic table of elements. Home Periodic table Elements Hydrogen.

EU countries agree to explore hydrogen as energy source

Hydrogen First element in the periodic table. The element also occurs in the stars and powers the universe through the proton-proton reaction and carbon-nitrogen cycle. Stellar hydrogen fusion processes release huge amounts of energy as they combine hydrogen atoms to form helium, according to Los Alamos. Pure hydrogen gas is scarce in Earth's atmosphere and any hydrogen that actually enters the atmosphere rapidly escapes Earth's gravity, according to the Royal Society. On our planet, hydrogen occurs mainly in combination with oxygen and water, as well as in organic matter such as living plants, petroleum and coal, Los Alamos reports.

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The element was named hydrogen by the French chemist Antoine Lavoisier. Hydrogen has three common isotopes: Urey; and tritium, an unstable isotope discovered in , according to Jefferson Lab. The difference between the three isotopes lies in the number of neutrons each of them has. Deuterium and tritium are used as fuel in nuclear fusion reactors, according to Los Alamos.

Chemistry in its element: hydrogen

Hydrogen is typically produced by heating natural gas with steam to form a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide called syngas, which is then separated to produce hydrogen, according to the Royal Society. Hydrogen is used to make ammonia for fertilizer, in a process called the Haber process, in which it is reacted with nitrogen. The element is also added to fats and oils, such as peanut oil, through a process called hydrogenation, according to Jefferson Lab. Other examples of hydrogen use include rocket fuel, welding, producing hydrochloric acid, reducing metallic ores and filling balloons, according to Los Alamos.

Researchers have been working on developing the hydrogen fuel cell technology that allows significant amounts of electrical power to be obtained using hydrogen gas as a pollution-free source of energy that can be used as fuel for cars and other vehicles. Hydrogen is also used in the glass industry as a protective atmosphere for making flat glass sheets, while the electronics industry, it is used as a flushing gas in the process of manufacturing silicon chips, according to the Royal Society.

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