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Actually, it wasn't too bad. The glass in the cookies scene alone raised this movie half a star. What I didn't like was the end. The woman is crazy and has killed several people and he thinks she's going to take that?! A good cast almost rescue this 90s "B" movie cross between an 80s yuppie flick and Fatal Attraction. Story is quite weak and a little silly. More Top Movies Trailers. DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Black Panther Dominates Honorees. Trending on RT Avengers: Post Share on Facebook. In this rehash of the perennial formula, Peter Derns Timothy Hutton , a marketing executive for a cookie company that has recently been bought out by another firm, is forced to hire temporary help when his regular office assistant, Lance Scott Coffey takes paternity leave.

The Temp by Michelle Frances

Unfortunately for Peter's associates, her efficiency extends to killing off Peter's regular assistant upon her return to work by arranging an accident with a paper shredder. But Kris doesn't stop there, and Peter begins to notice a high body count of dead employees falling around him. Peter suspects Kris may be the culprit, but since he has just emerged from treatment for acute paranoia, he can't decide if he is imaging things or not.

Tom Engelman , Kevin Falls. Timothy Hutton as Peter Derns. Lara Flynn Boyle as Kris Bolin.

Faye Dunaway as Charlene Towne. Dwight Schultz as Roger Jasser. Oliver Platt as Jack Hartsell. Steven Weber as Brad Montroe. Colleen Flynn as Sara Meinhold. Scott Coffey as Lance. Dakin Matthews as Dr. Maura Tierney as Sharon Derns. Lin Shaye as Rosemary.

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Michael Winters as Mercer. Danny Swanson as Nathan Derns. Hall as Marla Higgins. Jesse Vint as Larry. Gary Rooney as Bouncer. Bill Johns as Waiter. Don Alder as Officer Security Guard. Betsy Toll as Test Lady. Mary Marsh as Shopper. Craig Hosking as Helicopter Pilot. Billy Koch as Juice Bartender. Ralph Vanhollebeke as Mr. Moultrie Patten as Walt.

William Earl Ray as Man in Bar. Josh Holland as Gary. Kris, being ruthlessly efficient, brilliant and unflaggingly loyal to Peter, hopes to use her skills to become his permanent secretary. Despite Kris's possessive attitude, Peter cannot seem to do without her, nor can the rest of the office. Not only does Kris help him deliver his report to Charlene on time, she passes on credit to him for her own ideas.

However, soon various people around the office meet with unfortunate "accidents," beginning when Peter's assistant, Lance, returns the following week and, while attempting to fix a paper shredder during his first day back, is maimed when his right hand gets stuck and mutilated, forcing him to take permanent leave.

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Peter starts to note the deaths of some of his rivals for advancement in the company, such as Hartsell Oliver Platt , who is found dead in his stalled car on a busy expressway after being stung by a wasp. Another few days later, Jasser Dwight Schultz is found in his office after hanging himself in an apparent suicide.

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Peter begins to suspect that Kris is responsible for these deaths, but he cannot prove it or get anyone to listen to him due to his recovering mental state. Nevertheless, the deaths of the executives lay the groundwork for Peter's own unearned promotions.

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Meanwhile, Peter is determined to win back his estranged wife Maura Tierney , and starts to distrust Kris. He refuses her advances for a romantic relationship, as well as a professional partnership, and even a simple friendship.

Soon things for Peter begin to go wrong. A marketing test for Peter's new cookie product is horribly sabotaged when broken glass is added to the batter of the cookies, injuring people who test the new product out. Peter becomes more convinced that Kris is behind the mayhem, but he still cannot get anyone to listen to him because everyone around him writes off his claims as more paranoia.

Soon, Peter's paranoia begins to work against him as he starts to suspect an old friend Steven Weber , at a rival cookie company, of being behind the events. Peter also begins to suspect Charlene herself is trying to destroy his career to protect her own. Peter begins looking into Kris's past and learns that at her last temp job at a local bank, her boss, whom she may have had an affair with, died mysteriously. Peter also learns that Kris never went to Stanford, nor does she have any husband or child.

Peter confronts Kris about what she may be doing behind the scenes, but she naturally denies doing anything wrong. The very next day, Peter is shunned from his job after someone frames him for leaking company information to a rival company. However, Kris comes to his aid by accepting responsibility for the "computer error", which earns Peter's promotion to vice president and Kris's promotion to marketing executive.

By the climax of the film, Peter and Kris are sent to the company's bakery on a weekend retreat, where the car in which they are both riding nearly runs off the road after someone tampers with the brakes. After checking into their hotel for the night in separate rooms , Peter gets a message from Charlene about an emergency at the company's bakery. Upon going there, he finds a dead security guard, killed by a letter opener knife that Kris had earlier given him. Kris is also present at the bakery, but appears to be suffering from a mild concussion due to a supposed blow to her head.

He enters the bakery grounds office and attempts to call for an ambulance, but someone hits him from behind and tries to finish him off, only for someone else to tackle his attacker.

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In his disoriented state, Peter wanders out of the office to see Kris struggling with Charlene in a brutal fight along a catwalk. Yet it is nearly impossible to tell from Peter's point-of-view if Kris is trying to kill Charlene, or if Charlene is trying to kill Kris. Peter intervenes in the fight and Charlene falls from a plank and is left hanging from a railing. He attempts to pull her up but she slips from his grasp and falls to her death, but not before saying "The picture". Months later, Peter works on rebuilding his relationship with his family, is made president of the company, and privately thanks Kris for saving his life.

However, as he settles into Charlene's office, he glances at an open box containing some of her things that are still being cleared out, and spots four exact photos of Kris's husband and child together, each in exactly the same frame that she uses.

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After Charlene's secretary explains that they were a cheap gift from her to Charlene, and that the photos just came with the frames, Peter suddenly realizes what Charlene meant by her last words. Peter theorizes that Charlene did indeed look into his earlier claims about Kris' lies and discovered that she had not only lied about her educational background, but also about having been married, having no doubt seen the photo she used. admin