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This SF band offers a booklet of accompanying illustrations with their EP, and they've crafted a video for each song. EP by Eyes of Love. Well done Great song Favorite track: Purchasable with gift card.

Britt Nicole - Through the Eyes Of Love (Good Quality)

Debut from Brooklyn's Eyes of Love! If We Could Be Fools I Know Everything When You Were A Missionary Bonus Track - Bad Expectations Live Bonus Track - Love Possession Live Recorded, Produced and live mixed over a weekend by true wiz and OSR tapes mensch Zach Phillips, the EP features open-reel dub tactics and shocker percussion, coupled with flinch-less plucking and steady-fisted song craft. Tags alternative brooklyn ep eyes of love i know everything love possession wharf cat records New York.

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If you like Eyes of Love, you may also like: Chase E Stewart go to album. All instruments including vocals! The mere thought of making an entire album like this fills me with neurotic dread. Studiously committing songs to tape in one fluid motion without the ability to subsume any artistic insecurities in umpteen layers of guitar and synth might seem like it requires a confidence in your arrangements that's borderline ludicrous.

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In the case of Eyes of Love , it sounds like the lateral thought of a genuine eccentric, a guileless decision made in service to the production of an unfussy pop record that's straightforward and simple, yet skewed and full of character. The instrumentals too are weird while somehow being pointedly un-self-conscious.

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The synth parts are all played in the default synthetic vocal-choir patch found on any bargain bin Casio. The guitar is so dry and unadorned that the sound of the pick hitting the strings is often as audible as the chords they ring out.

Together and often in unison they can pull off some deceptively complicated rhythms and licks that would sound contrived in other hands and render them serviceable to Schiavelli's uniquely elemental songwriting.