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However, Edward stops them and invites Tom into his palace chamber. There, the two boys get to know one another.

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Fascinated by each other's life and their uncanny resemblance to each other and learning they were even born on the same day, they decide to switch places "temporarily. There, he is subjected to the brutality of Tom's alcoholic and abusive father, from whom he manages to escape, and meets one Miles Hendon, a soldier and nobleman returning from war. Although Miles does not believe Edward's claims to royalty, he humors him and becomes his protector. Tom, dressed as Edward, tries to cope with court customs and manners. His fellow nobles and palace staff think the prince has an illness, which has caused memory loss and fear he will go mad.

They repeatedly ask him about the missing Great Seal of England , but he knows nothing about it. However, when Tom is asked to sit in on judgments, his common-sense observations reassure them his mind is sound. As Edward experiences the brutal life of a London pauper firsthand, he becomes aware of the stark class inequality in England.

In particular, he sees the harsh, punitive nature of the English judicial system where people are burned at the stake, pilloried, and flogged. He realizes that the accused are convicted on flimsy evidence and human branding — or hanged — for petty offenses, and vows to reign with mercy when he regains his rightful place. When Edward unwisely declares to a gang of thieves that he is the King and will put an end to unjust laws, they assume he is insane and hold a mock coronation.

After a series of adventures, including a stint in prison, Edward interrupts the coronation as Tom is about to be crowned as King. The nobles are shocked at their resemblance, and refuse to believe that Edward is the rightful King wearing Tom's clothes until he produces the Great Seal of England that he hid before leaving the palace. Miles is rewarded with the rank of Earl and the family right to sit in the presence of the King. In gratitude for supporting the new King's claim to the throne, Edward names Tom the "King's Ward," a privileged position he holds for the rest of his life.

The ending explains that though Edward died at the age of 15, he reigned mercifully due to his experiences. The introductory quote — "The quality of mercy is. While written for children, The Prince and the Pauper is both a critique of social inequality and a criticism of judging others by their appearance.

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Twain wrote of the book, "My idea is to afford a realizing sense of the exceeding severity of the laws of that day by inflicting some of their penalties upon the King himself and allowing him a chance to see the rest of them applied to others Having returned from a second European tour — which formed the basis of A Tramp Abroad — Twain read extensively about English and French history.

Initially intended as a play, the book was originally set in Victorian England before Twain decided to set it further back in time. The "whipping-boy story," originally meant as a chapter to be part of The Prince and the Pauper was published in the Hartford Bazar Budget of July 4, , before Twain deleted it from the novel at the suggestion of William Dean Howells.

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Osgoode of Boston, with illustrations by F. The Prince and the Pauper was adapted for the stage during Twain's lifetime, an adaptation which involved Twain in litigation with the playwright. The musical closed August 31, In , the story was adapted into comics form by Arnold L.

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The novel has also been the basis of several films. In some versions, Prince Edward carries identification when he assumes Tom's role. While animations such as the Mickey Mouse version retell the story, other cartoons employ parody including an episode of the animated television show Johnny Bravo in which Twain appears, begging cartoonists to "let this tired story die". A much-abridged silent version was produced as one of his first films by Alexander Korda in Austria entitled Der Prinz und der Bettelknabe.

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More than 80 million copies have been printed. This is because in France copyright lasts for 70 years after the death of the author. Heartwarming, alternate world life. You May Also Like. Where can I find the chapters?

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