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In relation to the physical body, BLUE is anti-bacterial, anti-infection, anti-cramping, headaches, helps farsightedness, facilitates restful sleep, pain relieving, nervousness, insomnia, hemorrhage, herpes, warts, lowers blood pressure, fever. BLUE creates the open space for clear communication at the throat and resonates with the Throat Chakra. It is the color that makes contact with your "inner vision" or intuition, that part of you which sees beyond the five senses. It resonates at the causal Chakra at the back apex of the head.

In relation to the physical body, VIOLET is good as for menopause, spleen, sedative, relaxant, build leucocytes, lymphatic relaxant, soothes solar plexus, neutralize mercury from fillings, anti-viral. Since all colors are present, white does everything on all levels: Magenta connects us to what it is like to exist out of our physical bodies as pure Spirit. It is the bardo state, when we have left our physical shells and before we incarnate into a new physical lifetime.

The hertz vibration on the planet is rising, as well as everything on, in and around it. We are now able to perceive new colors that we have not seen before. Notice the light as it reflects off the bark and leaves of trees and the soil Colors are becoming richer, deeper, and many new colors are making themselves available to our perception. What are these colors and what do they mean? Some of these are the in-between colors or the paler colors of the rainbow spectrum and they offer us a deeper understanding of ourselves. The new colors are really not so new.

They are the " in between" colors and the paler colors of the rainbow palette. The " in-between" colors are those colors between the rainbow colors of the Chakras. The "in between" colors give to us the nuances of realities beyond our 3-dimensional knowing. They show us that so much more exists than our everyday reality.

By meditating and wearing these colors, you may find the "in betweens" of yourself. The paler colors are the colors we know but with more light in them. It's as if a spotlight has been shown on color so that more of that particular color speaks in our life. It is color with intensity.

Often what is hidden in the paler colors is an experience of unshed tears and suffering. This is the element of AIR. We discover that we are fine just the way we are! This is the element of Earth. It is an invitation to look at the shadow side of ourselves. It represents the unconscious and subconscious within us.

It is where the light does not seem to exist, but in fact, light does exist in the dark. We just don't see it. How would we recognize the dark without the light? It is where Mother Gaia feeds us life force energy. Crystals in itself is a source of energy since they are also created by energy. Hasty generalizations with just a few references and without any actual experimentation is also misnomer in science.

Furthermore, if physical science is all and be all, how come that there are still inexplicable phenomena on this earth such as miracle cures? Nevertheless, let me commend you for this wonderful article since it has also tackled some of the pertinent issues on alternative health care, and that is, the use of gullibility of some people to rake profits this is the same way about the capitalism-driven science that we have nowadays.

Peace be with you! We may not be able to fully measure human thought, but it is without a doubt a physical thing. There is no question that thoughts arise from the brain, itself a physical thing. Furthermore, we can tangentially measure thought by associating it with brain activity in fMRI, for example. In physics, this refers for the ability of one system to do work on another system. I would argue that there are no such thing as miracle cures in the first place. Unexplained does not mean unexplainable. February 12, at 5: Sorry Kyle but there is still no cure for polio: Prevention does not mean cure http: February 13, at 6: You are absolutely right.

But this is besides the point. You cannot possibly argue that science has not made incredible strides in human health and wellness. In the face of vaccines and antibiotics and water purification, balance bracelets themselves having no plausible basis or evidence to support their use are useless and obscure good science with pseudoscience. February 13, at 5: It seems that you misread the statement, sir. I am not saying it out of ignorance sir, and for I am also a fan of science.

Energy yes, is not a magical cloud and you also misused the word magic, which is also a systematic body of knowledge. With all due respect, not all diseases and illnesses of the society read: Here, we are talking about the social problems that are bred by the advancement of what you call physical science. Oh, before I forget sir — have you experimented with crystals also?

If not, then you are not the authority to tell those who have been cured by the method. Yes, energy can be measured.

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Kinetic, chemical, nuclear, thermal, gravitational, and potential energy just to name a few can all be quantified with high precision. And it is precisely these measurable quantities that suggest that there is absolutely nothing going on with crystals that would be of medical value. If they put out a real kind of energy, we could measure it. If they put out some kind of mysterious energy that you seem to suggest, then that energy produces nothing more than placebo responses, i.

Magic is a systematic body of knowledge? Perhaps how to do certain tricks, but there is no magic-ology. You have to prove that first. If you think personal experience is what is the deciding factor here, then you do not understand how science works. Anecdotes are not data. February 13, at I do understand how science work sir. On the other hand, you use approximation to the energies that cannot be exactly measured. Besides, the measurement were also product of the mind. So it is also a sort of abstraction. But one thing for sure — before the physical science is, there is metaphysics.

So my case is closed. It has been nice talking to you. But the assimilative power of the human intellect is and remains strictly limited. Hence it was inevitable that the activity of the individual investigator should be confined to a smaller and smaller section of human knowledge. Worse still, this specialization makes it increasingly difficult to keep even our general understanding of science as a whole, without which the true spirit of research is inevitably handicapped, in step with scientific progress.

Every serious scientific worker is painfully conscious of this involuntary relegation to an ever-narrowing sphere of knowledge, which threatens to deprive the investigator of his broad horizon and degrades him to the level of a mechanic …It is just as important to make knowledge live and to keep it alive as to solve specific problems. February 22, at 6: For the person who wrote this words… if you say you know a lot about science you should look into Marcel Voguel work..

The kings and queens crowns, holy grail and more… and you like it or not you use crystals everyday.. Because is a great transmitter of information plus is great for storage information as well … you may not be live I font blaim you.. Then another guy came and after along time that accepted the idea! So for thousends of years one belief was rejected and gge n accepted.. March 4, at I am very pleased to see that things have not quickly devolved into name-calling, and that a multiplicity of viewpoints have emerged. Not right, not wrong, just another way to know.

Since all knowledge is partial and indeed socially constructed, it is dangerous to assert that some knowledge systems are superior to others. Let us not forget that the self-proclaimed superiority of science and statistical thinking has lead humanity down some pretty scary paths; eugenics and social darwinism are the first to come to mind. Unfortunately, facts are not universal, but are made real by the knowledge systems in which they were produced.

Like social darwinism, it is imprecise to suggest that one knowledge system is more evolved than another. They may be unable to translate knowledges between each other. This however, is not to say that any one is superior to another. Often, people draw from multiple knowledge systems to understand the world. This is a generous way to understand how crystal healers can at once make medical and scientific claims, while simultaneously drawing from esoteric and metaphysical knowledge practices. Humans are complicated creatures, and I think that we should honor these complexities and and not draw upon positivist thinking to suggest that our complexity is simply a set of contradictions.

April 14, at 5: A reader said earlier that he uses crystals as reminders, and I think that he is onto something. In ancient times people used crystals to store information. But why so many types? I am just wondering out loud: The constant search for perfection of knowledge and of being. May 17, at 4: Trying to attach spirituality to these objects is pointless, the fact that they have been created inside the earth through chemical reactions over millions of years and look as amazing as they do is wonderment enough for me. June 29, at 8: I have not seen a single crystal website which encouraged me to ditch the doc and give them my money instead, rather, they all cautioned me to do the opposite.

After years of illness, I was finally healed when I dumped the doctors and heavy meds and turned to alternative medicine, including crystals. Kyle will assert that this is only an anecdote, of course. If I had listened to hard scientific data, I would still be sick! It is foolish, and very dangerous, to arrogantly claim to be in sole possession of the truth Eckhart Tolle. This debate seems to be less about whether healing crystals work, and more about trying to be right and make others wrong, which makes it difficult to get any real insight into this topic.

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Sigliwa is correct that magic is a systemic body of knowledge. A skilled witch or magician knows and uses the flow of energy to achieve a specific result. True magic has been in use for thousands of years, and has nothing at all to do with tricks or illusions. The tone of the author is indeed less than impartial and biassed. It is unfair and discourteous to indulge in name calling simply because you have a different opinion. If there was a proper study involving proper and representative sampling of a cross section of society over a period of time using scientific instruments to monitor the reactions of those sampled, where can the report be accessed?

A good Scientist will have done this automatically before producing a report that may damage credibility. There is a man named James Randi who has spent the majority of his life testing and debunking things like this. Either by blind folding them, or keeping the crystal hidden in some way. March 8, at It is probable that the college recieves funding from pharmaceutical companies that will want to disprove any treatment other than their products.

I personnally find crystal healing works. March 8, at 1: Tony, even if the college does receive funding, it does not necessarily mean that the results are bogus. That is something that you have to prove. March 10, at 1: How is that any different to the New Age Mumbo Jumbo crap? March 10, at March 21, at 7: That being said, the human mind can do astonishing things. March 22, at 9: I check for hard facts and strive to understand from all angles.

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IMO, Western Medicine is particularly useful in trauma accidents and time sensitive emergencies. Although, it is nice to keep in mind that crystals are capable of storing massive amount of data and information just look into diamond quantum computers. Also, considering we and all matter are constantly exchanging traces of dna, could it not be possible that information stored within a crystal could influence our cells at the dna level?

And, seeing as how there is plenty of data to prove the placebo effect…wouldn't it make sense that the placebo effect could work in reverse? If you DON'T believe in something than it will not work or will have significantly less effect. I am constantly surprised at the hypocrisy found amongst advocates of Western medicine of natural 'alternative' medicines, especially when they claim either a natural healers are selling 'snake oil' or b that Western medicine is better because it is 'proven.

Flu vaccines have repeatedly been shown to be less effective than claimed. And the fact that these institutions say that the flu vaccine is 'the best way to stay protected' is a joke. Most of these new vaccines they are coming out with 9for H1N1 and other 'nightmare' strains are not even clinically tested. Not to mention, they can be extremely dangerous to some, and are shown to have no significant effect on the elderly. On top of that, they are immune suppressive. How counter intuitive is that?? You have to build the immune system. Also, look at the havoc that antibiotics are causing.

Not only are antibiotics also immune suppressive, they are leaking into our foods and water supplies and are causing bacteria to become 'resistant. Natural essential oils not all of course, but ones like Clove, Cinnamon, Oregano, Tea Tree and many others are a medicinal powerhouse. Also, look into contaminated vaccines by Novartis. Or the hemophiliac drugs by Bayer that were knowingly contaminated with HIV and yet still shipped overseas for profit.

The list goes on and on. You really think they stand on a moral high ground and are doing this strictly to help humanity? But this whole 'Western vs Natural' mentality is ridiculous. The sciences can and have to some extent merge with the natural. Believe it or not, even natural remedies, essential oils, herbs, tinctures, juices, vegetables you name it! They have natural chemicals that many many times are more powerful than the laboratory derived chemical variants.

Crystal healing

Sadly, people such as yourself, are so sold on the snake oil of Western Medicine that you blindly disregard natural treatments. You also see this as black and white and assume that ALL people who choose natural treatments have some vendetta against ALL western medicine. That's not true at all. Western Medicine has done marvels for many, including people within my family. However, I have taken zero forms of western medicine pills, advil, cough syrup, antibiotics, etc. Last time I got the flu was the last time I got my flu shot still in elementary school. Anyway, I appreciate the info in your article, but not the attitude that you hold or the way you have responded to other people commenting.

You are very condescending, fyi. But you are a smart guy. I like your comment about using crystals as reminders. Apparently in the ancient times they were used to store information — so perhaps they really do work this way? Like I said before, I love crystals and I wish we knew more about them.

April 6, at 2: Hill seems very smart and educated, but could relax a little bit.

He is WAY to concerned about something that has very little significance to the real world. Go write a paper about child labour, or something that is a REAL issue, this is really not a problem, like at all. Plus it has been around LONG before he was ever alive so why should anyone listen to him? So yah, he should use his intelligence for something useful and let people believe in what they want to believe. He wrote an article for a website ok?

I am going out on a limb here by saying this: I respect Kyle Hill for personally responding to almost every comment with his opinion. He could have just left you all foaming at the mouth over this but instead he kept neutral most of the time and responded dilligently. Not many people bother to do that these days! So where is the credit hey guys?

Crystal healing - Wikipedia

I think there must be a purpose for them, such as when we find plants in nature and we discover that what we thought was a useless weed is actually a herb. I wish we knew more about this. April 8, at 6: Thank you Taylor, you saved me the time of responding to the ever so young Mr.

You covered every point worth making. Appears we have two choices here for our disposable income. April 8, at 8: You cannot argue with Kyle, I have never know him to be wrong. Once he thought he was wrong but but he was mistaken. April 19, at 1: I greatly appreciate the research behind this. I like to think my mind is greater than a rock. The debate sparked some unhappy feelings from my counterpart so I decided to check some facts, and this delivered. April 20, at 1: Reading your blog I felt happy that there are some sane people in the world.

Reading the responses to your blog I laughed a little to myself and felt sad for all these poor souls. Keeps my economy going. April 22, at 6: I noticed that part of the blind test was using a real crystal Quartz I assume and a plastic fake. The test would have been much better if the fake was a glass replica of a crystal. Plastic is easy to identify even when blindfolded.

I have an extensive collection of rocks and minerals. But that is as far as I would go in saying that crystals ect have any effect on ones person. Most of my collection however , especially the crystallized specimens are a pleasure to own and handle,. April 24, at 7: I have known about the placebo effect for a long time however the bizarre thing is that crystal healing works for me. Perhaps it is just through the placebo effect, but I have to have a crystal that is supposed to do a certain thing, i. Maybe it is just hearing from an outside source the healing properties of that crystal that makes it more powerful perhaps as a placebo, easier to convince self, but then why does it still work if I know it might just be a placebo.

I have cured myself of various serious ailments using crystal healing including insomnia and eating disorders also moonstone works better for me at alleviating menstrual cramps than paracetamol or ibuprofen. The other weird thing is I have been using amber to combat feeling rather low recently and yes it was cheering me up but for some reason I had been gaining weight had not changed eating habits, in fact probably eating more healthily , I found out today that amber is a great stone for weigh gain!

Well if nothing else crystals provide a focus for energy. April 24, at Continuing with my comments above , as a mineral specimen collector the one thing I have noticed over the last 20 years or more is the dramatic increase in the price of mineral specimens. April 27, at 5: I got just one message for those smart guys out there. You know much less than you think you know. May 6, at 1: The Great and Powerful Oz said: May 6, at Crystals emit a frequency and frequencies cause effects.

The magnitude of the effects caused by such frequencies are subtle but can still be great over time and with correct use. Crystals are glorified rocks, and emit no frequencies that can be measured. May 6, at 7: The reason they use quartz in watches is because of their frequencies.

You are right, but in reference to your previous comment this is not quite correct. Quartz crystals have a resonant frequency only when they are bent or subjected to mechanical stress or when an electric current is applied to them. The crystal does not produce a frequency itself, it must be prodded into doing so. I think this article does a great job of explaining how the human body is affected by all different types of energies.

May 6, at 8: While it may sound like science, the claims or Dr. Becker have absolutely nothing to do with the claims made by crystal proponents. Considering that the same claims made by Dr. Even stipulating that Dr. Becker knows what he is talking about, his research is completely devoid of anything that has to do with crystals. The jump in logic here is absurd: It is a scientific fact that we all emit energy, usually this is called radiation.

It is a fact that each object on the earth emits this energy, rocks and crystals as well. It is also known by science that when energy passes through rocks or crystals the object changes the energy. Light is energy and what passes through the other side of a crystal has been changed. Quartz are used in a wide variety of electrical applications, such as in watches quartz movement and in your commuter called semiconductors — because of its great ability to effect the energy we call electricity.

So the idea that a rock could change energy is present in science. To say that light is radiation and can pass through a rock, therefore this energy can affect the human body, makes no sense to me. Light and heat are known sources of radiation, the fact that these can be modulated by a different material is a far cry from claiming that crystals have health benefits. Light is a frequency and frequencies do effect matter, including humans. Sound frequencies, like the sound of a soothing voice or a musical instrument have beneficial effects on people.

May 6, at 9: Sounds are pressure waves. And certainly light and sound affect people, but this is a product of human interpretation, not something inherent to a single wave or particle. May 7, at Ok, better question, is there any reason to think that this could affect human health in any way?

Barry John Vincent said: May 8, at 6: I enjoy reading my Mineralogy books in which the sub branch of Crystallography is discussed in great detail including the six crystal systems. Also covered extensively is the atomic lattice structure of the various inorganic elements and compounds minerals that occur naturally in the earth. A great deal of scientific knowledge has been developed over all this time concerning the natural occurring minerals and their crystal forms.

Do Healing Crystals Really Work?

Pough Peterson Field Guide Series. Are they a scam? May 20, at 1: How do you explain someone I know that heals via reiki through energy, love and light? He even knows what I did on the day I see him from channeling into my energy…How about the psychics that tell you what your future holds using energy vibrations and have been spot on down to names of people and even a description of the people I will be dealing with? May 21, at 9: May 24, at 9: The only stupid people are those who trust in science.

How limited and egotistical the human brain is! The same science that said tobacco was safe to smoke, that thalidomide was safe, the science that said the world was flat etc etc. This study does not disprove the powers of crystals, it proves the power of human belief. No the opposite is wrong and bad. Know what the rest is for? Look outside the box. Crystals would be a good start. May 30, at 6: I strongly agree, with Amanda above. Especially about crystals, crystals has been here long before man.

Long before anybody existed, when god first created earth they were put here. Now what really draw-ed my attention is they took two completely different crystals, one fake and one real. Study it and look it up, especially go read about it. There are over a million books about crystals and their history with humans. Nothing will never come out right if you lean to your own understanding which us men have trouble with and so called scientist. I learn from the BEST! June 27, at What we be a good place you suggest to get crystals I read something about not buying them but that looks like the only way for me.

June 1, at 1: As for my personal opinion, I do not believe crystals have power unto themselves, but they can be useful for focusing. If one has appendicitis, go to the damn hospital! June 4, at I am a rockhound myself and prefer to collect and just admire crystals in the natural sunlight. The beauty, geometrical shapes, natural flaws, and the prismatic effects of crystals distract my mind from negative thoughts as I practically drool over my shiny precioussss in the palm of my hand.

June 6, at 6: I have yet to study the subject myself. But your obvious bias is pitiful to someone who claims to care about science and the truth. A study of fourty people who come from one city is hardly conclusionary and the fact that the study wasnt doubleblinded is also dissappointing and probably also lead to bias in the experiment. June 10, at 7: In ALL those planets and solar systems that we are still trying to create devices to see…or even the bigger picture of who, why or what our purpose is? Why we evolve and adapt? The Earth is constantly spinning in a motion that creates a static friction that keeps us from falling off into vast nothingness.

Do you know why the Earth continues to spin? June 17, at 7: This is one of the most widespread and atrocious fallacies: Science is about winnowing down the options. Some things are true, some are certainly not, and other things are indefinite. To me, this makes them one of those indefinite things. June 18, at 3: Ever since I am a firm believer of the underestimated power of our mind, thoughts, life force, energy waves, qi, homeopathic medicine, diet, healing foods, crystals etc.

If the experiment is done by someone pressed to prove how they do not work then not all key elements will be taken into consideration and put to real tests. On the other hand I do believe that most people who are open or at least interested or fascinated by crystals take the time to explore, learn and experiment without looking for a quick fix.

The speed of recovery and final results will always depend on the person himself , as in every healing process, but non-invasive, natural methods do work, and it is up to the people themselves to chose the right method they want to go for at a particular time. June 21, at 6: June 23, at 3: Acupuncture is not a placebo effect. There have been numerous studies done properly with fake acupuncture and real acupuncture which prove that it actually works. Rick simpson said no to taking the doctor drugs when he got cancer and guess what happened to him.. June 27, at 5: August 11, at It clearly makes you feel good to be completely ignorant.

Open your square mind. February 10, at 1: Demon hunted world is by far one of my favorite book ever writen! Please for the love of humanity, someone who happens to read this comment. Take the time to read this book, I promise it will have a profound effect on not only your life but possibly future generations!

June 29, at 9: I was disappointed to not find more references to what is actually claimed, specifically about crystal therapy. Overall, the article seemed extraordinarily one-sided, poorly cited, and not well-researched, whatsoever. I question the credibility of the author. This is the worst article I have ever read.

Instead of trying to seek the truth…it tries to convince people about things that the author has no idea what he is talking about. Science lacks quest for real truth and open mindedness. July 10, at 5: Take down this blog post!! Science has tried to throw too many things into the superstition box and is ignorant of how reality works. In terms of dogmatic and one sided thinking, science has no advantage over religion. July 11, at These crystals transformed her into a completely different, more positive being but she was just believing that they would impact her life positively and that crystals are just a rock.

I think everyone should ignore this blog and its lack of enlightenment. July 23, at 3: When did common sense become such a rare commodity? Just reading the words of these wackjobs in the comments makes me want to weep for humanity. Many of these people are mothers, fathers, and people with actual responsibilities, and they are seriously convinced that magical crystals are improving their life. How the heck can full grown adults be this irrational? Some people are just happier ignorant and there is nothing that can be done about it.

I know you are trying to fight the good fight by posting this study, but I fear your words will be lost on these types. They are too far gone. Crystals are a part of the huge organic spaceship orbiting the sun which we call earth. Everything that inhabits earth lives. Therefore, crystals hold divine energy as does every other atom. July 28, at 5: August 5, at 6: August 6, at 4: My daughter has been suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for eight months now which is a condition that affects the central nervous system.

Due to the fact science only knows what it does about this system, the best the medical professionals can offer is to trial a wide range of drugs in the hope that one may reset the central nervous system to stop pain receptors being stuck in overdrive, not unlike a glitch in a computer system. When I asked if alternative therapies were shown to make a difference to this condition I was told as there is no evidence to support they make any difference to anything.

My point is the same can also be said for our modern western medicine, of which the side effects so far add to or exacerbate my daughters condition. Considering that and our experience, I believe that whether there is scientific understanding or lack of evidence to prove or disprove alternative treatment like crystal healing, unless we are open to try WHATEVER works we limit a potential understand of something so far unknown. What we know as a species is due only to where evolution has bought us. The limits imposed upon us by language alone slows down our capacity to know and understand certain things.

I am not an advocate of either science or alternative treatments but rather what works. Great article and responses. Testing the effects of crystals is like trying to measure consciousness. Science cannot explain everything and most things we think we know are mere theory! The world is moving on, we are evolving. Crystals hold energy that with our current technology we cannot use yet. And I agree with the below, you seem to take new agers personally and are angered by it all. Eighty volunteers were asked to meditate with either a quartz crystal, or a placebo stone which was indistinguishable from quartz.

Many of the participants reported feeling typical "crystal effects"; however, this was irrespective of whether the crystals were real or placebo. In Christopher French, head of the anomalistic psychology research unit at the University of London and colleagues from Goldsmiths College outlined their study of crystal healing at the British Psychological Society Centenary Annual Conference, concluding "There is no evidence that crystal healing works over and above a placebo effect. Crystal healing effects could also be attributed to cognitive bias which occurs when the believers want the practice to be true and see only things that back up that desire.

Crystal healing techniques are also practiced on animals, although some veterinary organizations, such as the British Veterinary Association , have warned that these methods are not scientifically proven and state that people should seek the advice of a vet before using alternative techniques. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alternative medicine Quackery Health fraud History of alternative medicine Rise of modern medicine Pseudoscience Pseudomedicine Antiscience Skepticism Skeptical movement.

Fringe medicine and science. Alternative medical systems Mind—body intervention Biologically-based therapy Manipulative methods Energy therapy. Retrieved January 14, Folk-inspired systems of medicine". Stethoscopes, Wands, and Crystals. Sociology of health and illness. Hopi Stories of Witchcraft, Shamanism and Magic. admin