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Photonics 5, — Express 18, — Photonics 4, — Photonics 2, — Citing articles from OSA journals and other participating publishers are listed here.

Ephemeris files

Alert me when this article is cited. Click here to see a list of articles that cite this paper. Focusing on a moving target through a scattering sample: The cross-section intensity distribution in f indicates a PBR of Optical flow cytometry in scattering media: Login or Create Account. July 21, Revised Manuscript: August 12, Manuscript Accepted: August 23, Published: Abstract Full Article Figures 4 Suppl. Abstract Focusing light through scattering media has been a longstanding goal of biomedical optics.

What steps should banking compliance be taking to make sure their sales practices and suitability controls are up-to-date? On a global basis, capital markets compliance is usually a patchwork of disparate requirements. However, the global requirements relating to suitability are nothing short of harmonious and work to support the actions of many firms for adopting and implementing a holistic compliance framework across the enterprise. The not-so-good news is that holistic compliance itself has struggled over the years with its own identity crisis, trying to ascertain what it needed to do to evolve.

With respect to a few of the contemporary expectations of the global requirements, best practices in holistic suitability compliance must ensure that your organization does not fail to establish, document and maintain a system of risk management controls and supervisory procedures.

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I seriously doubt it. Further, this risk-based approach at the transaction and product level requires a far different set of rules for transactions in large cap value or growth vs. The other component of this risk-based baseline involves an ongoing risk analysis at the account and portfolio holdings level to detect and alert on, among other matters: Naturally, automated reviews need to be conducted on a regularly scheduled frequency basis, but also upon the occurrence of certain triggering events, such as an updated investment profile.

ESO - Moving target procedures

The procedures described here refer to both classes of programmes, with the difference that the submission of the ephemeris files for programs with undefined targets must take place at the time when the target becomes known rather than at the time of the Phase 2 deadline. Programmes with undefined targets appearing at short notice such as faint near-Earth asteroids are considered to be Target of Opportunity programmes and should follow the established ToO procedures.

Still, an ephemeris file must be submitted in such cases in the format described below at the time of triggering the ToO observations. Users must submit a detailed ephemeris file for each target for the whole duration of the ESO Period in question, or for the whole duration of the observability period in case that observations must be executed within a specific time window.

Courtesy of the IMCCE , we provide here below a convenient form that will produce an ephemeris file for your target, for the relevant period of time.

Moving Targets

In case you wish not to use this form, or need to refer to the specification for the ephemeris file, please consult our page on ephemerides format. In addition to the standard OB requirements see the Phase 2 preparation procedures , OBs for moving targets must have the following features:.

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  7. If a blind preset is enough for the purposes of the observation i. Normally no attempt will be made to identify the exact target. The parameters of these OBs instrument setup and integration time must be identical in both pre-imaging OBs, and defined so that the target is visible in both images.

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    The constraint set of pre-imaging OBs must also be identical to that of the science exposures that they precede. These two pre-imaging OBs will be executed with a time separation sufficient to detect the apparent motion of the target between both images. This time difference will be determined by the ESO operations team based on the user-supplied ephemerides.