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He is writing a book on the origins of the modern witchcraft movement. Frew's interest in Wicca began at age 12 in a group mentored by nearby Witch Lilith St.

Donald H. Frew

Frew's covens have been members in the Covenant of the Goddess or "CoG", the world's largest religious organization for Witches , and in he was elected CoG's second Public Information Officer. Frew and his wife wrote a revision of the Gardnerian Book of Shadows , annotating the basic text to multiple books of shadows from different parts of the U.

Since Frew has worked with San Francisco police Inspector Sandi Gallant as a consultant on the occult , [9] growing over the years to collaboration with law enforcement agencies around the country. In , Frew approached and began a dialogue with the Spiritual Counterfeits Project , [13] a Berkeley-based Evangelical Christian research organization focused against cults and the occult. Frew and Alexander have remained friends and advocates for dialogue between Witches and Christians.

Frew contributed to Alexander's book Witchcraft Goes Mainstream [14] in To pursue the belief that interfaith groups need to communicate even with the most conservative elements of Christianity and Islam , Frew also reached out to and developed a working relationship with Lee Penn, [15] the most vocal detractor of the United Religions Initiative and author of False Dawn: Frew has worked to obtain recognition of Pagan and Indigenous peoples as members of interfaith councils.

In he was appointed Executive Secretary, becoming the first Witch to serve as an officer on the Board of a local interfaith council in the United States.

‘American Horror Story’ Season 8 Will Be ‘Murder House’-‘Coven’ Crossover, Ryan Murphy Says

Through Frew's efforts, in the Covenant of the Goddess became one of four Neopagan organizations to co-sponsor the Parliament of the World's Religions, [18] where over international attendees attended over programs in the course of nine days. Frew was one of four[Neopagans selected to give a "Major Presentation" [19] titled "Pagans in Interfaith Dialogue" [20] By the end of the nine days, the academics attending the Parliament were saying "In , America was introduced to the Buddhists and Hindus; in , we met the Neopagans.

Frew and other interfaith organizers in Berkeley created the "Celebrating the Spirit" [21] conference, an official UN50 event that continued discussions concerning the "Global Ethic" document that had been signed at the Assembly at the Parliament. Frew has continued to represent CoG at all of the subsequent Parliaments—Cape Town , Barcelona , Melbourne —and be active in key events. Barney , [25] author of the Global Report, to be part of a panel of religious leaders addressing his "Millennium Questions" asking representatives of different faiths to respond to the crises of the age.

In he attended its charter signing ceremony in Pittsburgh PA. In he was elected to the URI's first Global Council [34] Board of Trustees , becoming the first Neopagan to serve on the board of a global interfaith organization.

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At the end of , he left W. Freeman to begin working on a Ph. He also started his own business as a consulting editor at this time. While working on his Ph. He hoped to use these materials to reconstruct a history of how Gardner founded modern Wicca.

The resulting manuscript was used to satisfy his comprehensive examination topic in Sociology of Religion for his doctorate program at GTU. In , Kelly sought help from Alcoholics Anonymous. He withdrew from participation in the Neo-Pagan community in and became a practicing Roman Catholic from until However, as Kelly explained in a interview with Lisa Harris of Widdershins , he "never stopped being a witch; I just stopped practicing for a while.

"La La Lana" AHS Coven Melody (Offical by James S. Levine) HD

A History of the Craft in California, The academic scholar Chas S. Clifton has cited this book as an "invaluable source" for the sociological study of the History of Wicca , particularly insofar as it describes the innate differences between "the more established Anglo-American witches" who claimed lineage-descent from Gerald Gardner and the West Coast Pagans of the s who were working in "the American tradition of self-creation. Kelly received a Ph.

Aidan A. Kelly - Wikipedia

He was active in scholarly professional societies, and from to co-chaired the steering committee for the American Academy of Religion 's Group on New Religious Movements. Llewellyn published Kelly's previously rejected research in as Crafting the Art of Magic and republished it in a revised edition titled Inventing Witchcraft.

After moving to Seattle, Washington, in , Kelly worked for several companies related to Microsoft. He moved to Tacoma, Washington, in with his family. He lives there currently and practices Witchcraft with his wife and close friends. His eldest son, Aidan O'Ryan-Kelly, born in , lives in California and is also a professional practitioner of Witchcraft and folk-magic. Inventing Witchcraft labels "the Craft" as a new religion , founded by Gerald Gardner "in , give or take a year.

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Kelly's book identifies the initiation of Gardner as "the foundational myth" of Modern Witchcraft. In support of his theory, Kelly explains that "the paper trail stops in We have no serious historical evidence for the existence of any Gardnerian coven before then. Academic writers on religion have tended to treat Kelly's conclusions as factual and unbiased, [7] but not surprisingly, Inventing Witchcraft and the earlier edition of Kelly's work, Crafting the Art of Magic , became a source of controversy among Wiccans, especially in Gardnerian Wicca covens, who trace the origin of their traditions to Gerald Gardner.

To accept Kelly's theory that Gardner "invented" a new religion, would mean giving up the belief that Gardnerian Wicca was the revival of an ancient faith previously held in secret by a few survivors. Kelly's work was criticized for both its overall premise and specific details. Frew complained that Crafting the Art of Magic contained errors in quoting source texts to support Kelly's theory.

The "new religion" concept in Kelly's work was not entirely unwelcome in the Wiccan community. Other Neo-Pagan historians, such as Ronald Hutton , and Jacqueline Simpson , wrote supportive responses to Kelly's work, disputing some of the criticism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.