Engineering Quantum Mechanics

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Underpinned by world-class research and industrial expertise, our four-year doctoral programme offers a stimulating experience for those seeking academic excellence and a route into the growing quantum technologies industry. Students will also be supported to develop a range of complementary skills including entrepreneurial business skills, knowledge of commercialisation, creative thinking, teamwork, communication skills and project management. The most influential players from academia and industry have helped to shape our vision, stressing that it is essential that future quantum scientists are able to display multidisciplinarity, and are exposed to a wide spectrum of research tools, techniques and environments.

Quantum Physics for Advanced Materials Engineering

In short, they have told us they need quantum engineers. The corresponding shift in mind-set to a more engineering-oriented approach is exactly what will be required for quantum technologies to become reality.


What is quantum engineering? I had never had any training, experience, or education in engineering. My sole claim to engineering expertise was some work on complex systems and a few designs for quantum computers. Quantum-mechanical engineering was in its early days then, however, and MIT needed a quantum mechanic. I was ready to answer the call. It was not my fellow professors who converted me to technology, uber-techno-nerds though they were.

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Indeed, my colleagues in Mech. I was wary of them in turn, as one often is of co-workers who are hugely more knowledgeable than one is oneself. Outside of the Mechanical Engineering department, by contrast, I found large numbers of kindred souls: MIT was full of people whose quanta needed fixing, and as a certified quantum mechanic, I was glad to oblige. No, it was not the brilliant technologists who filled the faculty lunchroom who changed my mind.

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Rather, it was the students who had come to have me teach them about engineering who taught me to value technology. Your average MIT undergraduate is pretty technologically adept.

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In the old days, freshmen used to arrive MIT having disassembled and reassembled tractors and cars; slightly later on, they arrived having built ham radios and guitar amplifiers; more recently, freshmen and fresh women were showing up with a scary facility with computers. Nowadays, few of them have used a screwdriver except maybe to install some more memory in their laptop , but they are eager to learn how robots work, and raring to build one themselves.

When I stepped into my first undergraduate classroom, a controls laboratory, I knew just about as little about how to build a robot as the nineteen and twenty year olds who were expectantly sitting, waiting for me to teach them how. Within a half an hour, the basis for my terror was confirmed. Not only did I know as little as the students, in many cases I knew significantly less: I emerged from the first lab session a sweaty mess, having managed to demonstrate my ignorance and incompetence in a startling variety of ways.

Quantum Physics Explained

There is no better way to learn, and learn fast, than to teach. Humility actually turns out to have its virtues, too. It turns out to be rather fun to admit one's ignorance, if that admission takes the form of an appeal to the knowledge of all assembled. In fact, it turned out that, either through my training in math and physics, or through a previous incarnation, I possessed more intuitive knowledge of control theory than I had any right to, given my lack of formal education on the subject.