#6 - Maturity-Increasing Prophetic Poems & Parables (In That Day Teachings)

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Grace is offensive to them. They have no need of it. They already have wealth, status, and privilege — or so they think. Some children come from such extreme cultures of negativity, that it takes most of their lives to overcome it. In between these two extremes are varying degrees of the grace of God flowing through individuals. It is, however, a shadow of what could be.

#5 - Awareness-Increasing Prophetic Poems & Parables (In That Day Teachings)

No matter what background we have come from, each of us needs to grow and become more believing about who God has created us to be. Sorry for the delay in publishing. Everyone has a gift, talent, or ability which we can use to serve others and when we do, we discover our purpose, significance, provision, and meaning in life…. How nice it is to receive a present! Like children at Christmas, it can make us feel valued, honored, and happy. What could be better than free? Knowing what it is we need and asking for it are enough to trigger the grace of God to give it to us.

Christ made abilities available to believers who love and care for others as God does so that we have something to give. The gifts are powerful and meet the needs of people at the deepest levels of their being. Within organized religion, these spiritual gifts have created a mountain of controversy over the years.

There have been attempts to control them. Some groups have denied their use, others have marginalized their importance. Some have declared them no longer available to the modern church and any expression of them to be demonic. Unfortunately, immature believers have used these gifts in ways never intended. No matter what the challenges associated with learning to use the gifts of God, we must honor and pursue these gifts with the focus and intention they deserve — if for no other reason than our love for God. The grace of God is how God gives us things we could receive no other way.

Ephesians speaks of spiritual gifts but we have natural gifts, as well, which are our opportunity to learn to love and to serve. Here is the path to power and authority that WILL change the world. This is the 8th in an 8 part series on Prayer. A multitude of books, mostly academic in nature, have been written about prayer.

Christianity is not a philosophy, nor is it a religion — it is a relationship. Most of our focus is on knowing more about the Gospel. Jesus addressed this with the parable of the two sons. Becoming passionate about the things He is passionate about is the result of relationship. When our relationship with Christ is new, we use prayer to get what we want. When our relationship is more mature, we pray what God wants and everything we need is added to our prayers for us. There are 3 main enemies which Christ challenges us to overcome; the devil, the world, and the flesh are the obstacles to answered prayer, to our success in ministry, and to Christ ruling the planet.

He has given us authority over each of these, but before we can operate in this authority, we must be tested as Jesus was, in the wilderness. It has been designed and operates in the power of fallen humanity the flesh. It has authority and power to rule the Earth and its people. Kings are kings because we say they are. Presidents are presidents because we make them so. We each have intrinsic power given to us by God to live our life as we please, but we each give a little of that power away in order to have order and peace. This is the essence of democracy and the idea that governments are our servants.

This is the reason people of deep Christian faith and understanding created democracies. No other religion has the concept of the God-given right of self-direction from which to empower a democratic government. Not all governments are democracies. This is a very crude understanding of what Christ intended. We are the channel for bringing His will into every decision and activity on Earth- as it is in Heaven. We choose to give up the things we love in order to see the love of God manifested in the world.

We give up our pleasure and comforts to bring comfort to the world. We give up these and other things in order to change the world by the power of God. When we give up our life in order to follow Christ, we are given abundant and eternal life. When we give up OUR life in other ways, we receive something greater, better, eternal, and not perishable.

We accept that this is true when we receive eternal life from Christ, but we resist this truth when we are faced with empowering our ministry. It is the flesh which is the enemy of the work of the spirit. If we want to pray in the power of the Holy Spirit, we will always have to first overcome the flesh because it is our enemy. Prayer is the most important thing we will do on Earth, second only to our worship of God.

The highest form of worship is to give our life to Him. This surrender of our life to Christ out of love is the path to power and authority. Scripture makes prayer seem simple, but not all we need to know about prayer is immediately evident. Here are 3 things that you must know in order to get your prayers answered. This is the 7th in an 8 part series on Prayer. We have divided the obstacles to answered prayer into 2 categories: In the previous post, we talked about prayer for our self and the foundation of answered prayer being our relationship with God.

All power has been given to Jesus and He in turn has passed on that power to us. That process has been modeled to us by the Children of Israel who traveled through the wilderness from Egypt to the Promised Land. Each step of their journey represents the challenges we must overcome in order to receive the power and authority Jesus has acquired for us.

This is the foundation of powerful prayer. Scripture tell us that the challenge for every Christian is to overcome the devil, the world, and the flesh. Jesus was tempted 3 times at the end of His wilderness experience and denounced the power of these 3 enemies over Him. So how did Jesus overcome these obstacles? Here are the tools for powerful prayer when the devil is your main opponent. Faith Faith is important to successful prayer. Jesus said He has given us authority over every work and form of the devil Luke Believing comes from seeing our prayers change things.

The more we practice prayer using Jesus as our model, the more we build up our faith. Understanding that Jesus has seated us with Him at the right hand of the Father is critical to praying with authority. The potential, however, is there to do amazing things through our prayers and actions. Positions of authority bring a trickle-down effect which provides and open door for the Kingdom of Love to overcome its enemies.

There are two more obstacles to answered prayer which occur when praying for individuals. Some people have had experiences including with God in which they were disappointed. This type of obstacle takes ongoing and focused prayer effort to overcome. Declarations confessions of freedom spoken out loud, intercession, and forgiveness of sins are all part of the tools for overcoming this prayer challenge.

Jesus explains another obstacle we face when we pray for individuals in the parable of the sower. The good seed falls upon hardened ground which we talked about above. It also is choked out by weeds which He describes as the cares and worries of this world. This is a picture of indifference, self-sufficiency, and fear of not having enough. The forgiveness of sin is our tool to bring change to the situation. Once the sin and its influences are removed, people are able to hear and respond to God. The second part of overcoming this prayer challenge is to build a scenario in prayer in which God can reveal His love, faithfulness, and blessings to them in a way they can receive them.

Be creative, be specific, be bold in your prayers. Jesus has secured all the tools we need in order to win every battle with our enemies; we need to learn how to use them. This is the 7th in a series of 8 posts about prayer. Please invite your friends to join the conversation. In order to get more answers to prayer, we have to understand the spiritual realm and the obstacles that threaten the success of our prayers. Here are a few of the tools for overcoming prayer obstacles. This is the 6th in an 8 part series on Prayer. The picture we get of prayer in scripture would make anyone think that it is simple.

He promised that if two or more agree on anything, it shall be done by His Father in heaven Matt. Scripture also says that everyone who came to Jesus received what they asked for; furthermore, Jesus said that God already knows what it is we need and want, but He instructs us to ask anyway. These are great promises and models for prayer which should encourage us to pray.

Obviously, not everything we need to know about prayer is immediately evident in scripture. There are certainly other things to learn about getting answers to prayer. The first post of this series underscores that prayer is part of the bigger conversation which exists in our relationship with God. In that relationship, there are many types of prayer. There are questions in which we ask for answers to things we want to better understand. There are expressions of joy and sorrow and praise for God which arise in our daily life and walk with Him.

There are also requests for things we need or want for ourselves, which God says He delights in hearing and answering. Some people feel guilty about asking for things for themselves, but scripture makes it clear there is abundant provision laid up for us which God wants to give us. It would be wrong not to ask for what He has provided! Our prayers for the things we need are sometimes hindered by the limitations in our relationship with God.

All prayer is a product of relationship but the depth of our relationship can limit what we are able to receive from Him. We come with our list and recite our requests, but He desires to give us even more than what we ask — Himself.

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Jesus faced this problem when the disciples asked to receive positions of authority in His Kingdom. The request was immature. He was about to give them all authority, but He could not give them positions of honor in His Kingdom. Honor is given to those who humble themselves as Christ did.

The purpose of the allegory is to give high standing to persistence, because it should drive us to pursue answers to our unanswered prayers. Praying for people or situations brings a whole new set of obstacles to prayer, than when we pray for ourselves. We are challenged in scripture to overcome the flesh, the devil, and the world. We do not naturally believe in His love for us, because we have never known unconditional love. Our unbelief separates us from God and blames Him for our sorry state. This is the nature and work of the devil according to scripture. Our prayers have different obstacles when we are praying to take back ground which has been under the oppression of the devil and his work.

This is the 6th in a series of 8 posts about prayer. This is the 5th in an 8 part series on Prayer. Prayer is more than getting what we want from God; it is relationship and a tool to overcome evil on the Earth. Jesus offers us an amazing promise in scripture about getting what we want and need in prayer.

The problem is that the experience people have of prayer is usually quite different from that scripture. Unanswered prayers are disappointments to us and often hurt our faith and confidence in prayer. Some people have ended their relationship with God because they blame Him for not answering an important prayer. Their child-like mis-understanding of Him and prayer lead them to cover-ups like: On one occasions when an answer to prayer was not forthcoming I was asking for understanding. I had a vision of a grate or grid with many openings.

Through some openings there was light shining through and through others, there was no light — they were dark. In some areas of their life, they had light or grace flowing and with it the blessings of God. In other areas, they had no grace and the love and blessing of God was blocked by wounds emotional hurt , unbelief, and patterns of sinful behavior. My prayers for the person were being welcomed by God, but getting the answer to those prayers was more complicated than just asking God to intervene.

God responded to my questions explaining a different obstacle to answered prayer. My friend had limited his options to only those which could be accomplished in the natural. Super-natural outcomes were not an option for him. His family was deeply rooted in the medical profession and also in religion on whom my friend relied heavily for his advice.

Had I understood this before he died, I would have prayed differently because there were really two obstacles — his unbelief and the illness. Jesus said that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you have enough faith to move a mountain get big results Matt. The problem is knowing if we have it or not. Hence it is very important to get others to pray for you since they may have the grace in the particular area in which you need grace. In the following posts, we will continue to address other obstacles to answered prayer. This is the 5th in a series of 8 posts about prayer.

This is the 4th in an 8 part series on Prayer. Scripture tells us that Jesus learned obedience by the things that He suffered Heb 5: He learned complete obedience to the Holy Spirit. We do the same. In his writing to the Ephesians Eph 4: He then goes on to recite a long list of sins which would cause pain to the Holy Spirit. Complete surrender of our lives to the Spirit is the highest act of worship possible. Real worship is surrendering the most important thing we have — our life. He raised the dead, healed the sick, cast our demons, forgave sins, and walked on water.

Through obedience He overcame all things. It has, however, been my personal experience that the Holy Spirit will often cause both of these signs to occur naturally in people who believe and who are surrendered to Him. In scripture, however, throughout Acts 2 the apostles prayed for people to be baptized in the Holy Spirit to surrender which enabled them to speak in other tongues. It can happen both ways. Both, however, are speaking to God for the purpose of bringing His will to Earth. It may happen in different ways, but both are the essence of prayer.

The beauty of this tool or gift is that it bypasses our mind and operates in the spiritual dimension. My perfect prayers have received a response from God. He has occasionally surprised me with an unexpected blessing for which I never prayed in words or even clearly articulated in my thoughts. They were also encouragement, affirmation, and assurance that these perfect prayers, though not understood by me, were building the Kingdom and bringing about His will. Powerful prayer is prayer which originates out of the heart of God. It is the will of God communicated to us by the Holy Spirit so that we can expand His love, joy, and peace to every human being on the Earth through our actions and our words.

That occurs when we completely surrender our lives to the Holy Spirit and in the case of perfect prayer, our understanding. This is the 4th in a series of 8 posts about prayer. We pray, but not all our prayers are answered. What do we need to know to have more of our prayers answered? This is the 3rd of an 8 part series on powerful prayer. These posts should be read in order to get the most from them. We were made for love; we thrive in it; we are drawn to it. It makes us happy, confident, and self-assured. In contrast, hatred, selfishness, and greed make us sad, despondent, unhealthy, and pessimistic.

We all have experiences with both love and evil. Love heals us but evil hurts us, and that hurt never goes away on its own. We, and all of creation, have the ability to record remember every act of love and every loveless act. Many of the problems we face personally, and as a people, have their roots in a loveless world. Even if every human was able to live a loving life, we would still be faced with a loveless past. When Jesus committed His life to unconditional love in His sacrificial death for His followers, He specifically provided a solution for this problem.

Most Christians have overlooked this amazing power. Some Christians deny it, but the full power of prayer can not be achieved without this very specific, Christ-given, world-changing tool. In three of the Gospels Mt 9: The power to forgive sins is an important tool in healing and in prayer which He does not want us to miss or underestimate. His power and authority are intrinsically part of Him. You must become part of Jesus through intimate relationship in order to have His authority and power. The forgiveness of sins permits Christ to do for those for whom we are praying, things that could be done no other way.

Scripture reveals that sin is the cause for many problems we may be praying about. People who have not been able to see the love of God have been blinded by their previous sins including vows and chronic fear and unbelief. Some diseases are directly connected to previous sins as was the case of the paralytic whom Jesus healed. Previous sins hinder God from answering prayers of provision. The forgiveness of sin is a tool which we must learn how to use in order to receive more answers to prayer.

God is love, and His love for us motivated Him to promise in Scripture to answer every prayer we make. So why do we have some prayers that are answered and others which are not? This is the 3rd in a series of 8 posts about prayer. In the previous post, we looked at prayer as one part of our relationship with God.

Close friends talk about the things that matter to them. They talk about their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. As we get to know God, we get to know His love for humanity and the planet. The degree to which we appreciate and identify with that love and concern is a measure of the maturity of the relationship. He talks about and gives us understanding of things which correlate with our understanding and maturity. Our maturity in God also directly correlates to our authority and power we have in prayer. Healthy relationships are built on two way conversations.

Prayer is generally thought of as us talking to God about our needs or problems, but the richest part of relationship is when He talks to us — about anything! God talks to us when we respectfully ask Him questions and sincerely look for an answer. Conversation is based on real relationship. My observation is that God speaks to most people. As wonderful as it is to hear God, the more powerful experience of God is His presence. Relationship with God brings us into His presence; that presence transforms us by His love and that brings us joy and peace. God instructs us to expand the Kingdom of God and His will to the entire Earth by prayer and acts of love.

It is love which is the most powerful agent on Earth because it has the power to change us and the world around us. Without millions of people valuing and promoting the power of love, this planet would be hell on Earth. Could you image our Earth if there was never a champion of justice and freedom or a song or poem about love? If there was no love, what would life be? We were created with the nature and character of God.

Remember the prayer is an parable for relationship with God see post 1. It is hardness of heart, as God describes it, that cuts us off from the presence of God. If our child acted this way, we would automatically know that this is an attitude which must be addressed.

In the Kingdom of God, those attitudes are not allowed because the Kingdom is all about the love. When we act in love, we promote and advance the Kingdom. When we act selfishly, either knowingly or unknowingly, we act in opposition to the Kingdom of God and its primary value of love. Every day the forces of evil and love collide on billions of fronts in a battle for supremacy of the planet.

Love can not be touched with hands. In the next post, I will explain a little known but extremely powerful tool God has given us to ensure our success in this battle for the supremacy of love. This is the first in an 8-part series on one of the most important aspects of the Christian life — prayer. Prayer changes the world, but just as importantly, it changes the one who prays.

It expresses who God is in our lives. Some of us respect the power of prayer but have only a distant relationship with God. We know the relationship is not what it should be. The relationship is shallow and one-way and usually ridden with guilt. The apostle Paul describes this conversation as continual, or without ceasing. The key to the door into the Kingdom of God is a surrendered life. We are born again start life over with eternal life and live in and out of the resources and blessings of the Kingdom of God. We can be born again but not living in the full benefits of the Kingdom of God.

Surrender is an every day choice. It is NOT a sacrifice to God. Considering that prayer is about relationship, I propose that it is an allegory for relationship. It would be wearisome for anyone, including God, to have to endure a bunch of procedures that need to be observed before relationship can begin. So what was Jesus trying to tell us about our friendship with God?

In the next section, He reveals His expectations for prayer. These prayers would effectively end all evil. He is Lord already, but not all people honour His lordship. The full Lordship of Christ on all of the Earth would bring love, joy, and peace to the planet. Later in the prayer, He invites us to bring our needs to Him even though He already knows them all. He enjoys hearing them from us.

Finally, He reminds us that if we live in unforgiveness, we can not access the resources love, joy and peace of the Kingdom. As in our earthly relationships, it takes time to get to know someone. Our friendship with God is primarily built on a foundation of trust that comes from knowledge of Him. Without relationship with God, Christianity is dead religion. His invitation to the relationship of prayer is about love. He wants to love and protect us. He wants to provide for us.

This is the first in a series of 8 posts about prayer. In the last five years, Jihad has increased to more than a dozen locations around the world. In those locations, Christians have become the prime target of violence, prejudice, and murder. Even before this war on freedom, Christians were being targeted in predominately Muslim countries.

If ever there was a time to pray with boldness and authority, it is now. That of course did not end all persecution, but it became a turning point in the spiritual war for freedom of thought and belief. This freedom is under attack in many places, including North America. The freedom to believe what you want to believe is a freedom protected by most democratic countries.

Christians are slow to respond to open religious bigotry. He responds towards His enemies with love and blessing because God IS love. How do love and blessing tangibly change a murderer on a rampage? They change the spiritual climate which empowers and deludes them and others like them. These people can kill your body but they can never kill your spirit which is eternally in Christ. Is it because the North American church is asleep? Is there a lack of leadership? You will be inspired, challenged, and empowered with new strategies for effective prayer. I ask you to come along on this journey.

The Christian life is about becoming like Christ in every way. He promises us that if we surrender our will He will make us fruitful in His image. Jesus began His ministry with a promise of fruitfulness when He read Isaiah 61 in the temple in front of the priests, elders, and other people. It was a prophetic declaration of who He was and how God would make Him fruitful in the Kingdom. As Jesus followers, it provides understanding for each of us. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor. After the prophetic declaration or promise of what the Spirit of God is going to do, He begins to make it happen.

Jesus was baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit and was then led into the wilderness. Interestingly, the three tests directly correlate to the challenges the Children of Israel encountered in the wilderness. A desert is dry and without water. Water is symbolic of the presence of God in the form of the Holy Spirit. There are no people there nor is there any reason to go there.

Deserts are places of need. We may feel in the desert that God is far away and His vision and promises for our lives are only a vague mirage on the distant horizon. He told the Children of Israel to write down and remember what He had done for them and what He had promised them, so they would not forget. Why has God left me? We may forget about our promise completely, and feel only disappointed, disillusioned, and deserted by God.

The promise of God is as alive today as it was when we first heard it. He has full intention of fulfilling it — if we will agree to let Him. Only we can stop the promise from being fulfilled if it is stolen from us by unbelief. Our circumstances are in no way a measure of the potency of the promise. The deal is still on! We are being offered an opportunity to become part of the Trinity and to co-author the work of God. Open the conversation with God and renew your commitment to follow Him.

Your destiny is to overcome so you will bear fruit in the Kingdom and become like Him. To learn more about the process of becoming and fulfilling your destiny check out this book….. Becoming to overcome is not an easy journey. When we first come to Christ and are born again, we are very zealous and committed, though we are children in God. What we really believe about God at a deep level is often influenced a great deal by our history, because our heart have been wounded. We have emotional wounds from our journey, which if left unattended, fester and become bitterness, sapping out spiritual strength.

In fact, we have to be taken care of. He teaches us what matters to Him and He builds our faith through answered prayer. He wants us to be heirs of the Kingdom. The most valuable thing we have is our life. When we give it up, it is worship in spirit and truth. In the Kingdom, we give up our lives and become born-again and start a new life.

The journey of becoming is unique to each one of us and only God knows its path. Others who are not experienced in His work of preparation will not understand. They may criticise, point to scripture, and oppose us out of their own fear unbelief and childish understanding. Children, servants, and friends understand the Kingdom differently; but only sons and daughters and humble followers will inherit the Earth and the promises of God. She was hurt so badly no one thought she would live; but her parents and much of the community began to pray and Lydia not only survived, but has recovered.

She has obviously learned a lot about life through this near death experience. I can do anything. I have learned this truth this past year. I have been on a hard journey of recovery. I could have died, but God gave me a second chance to live, and life is a precious gift. I am doing my best to live fully, to treasure the life that I have been given. I want to share the hope that I have. I want to ignite a flicker of hope in others, reminding them that anything is possible. I spent 2 months in a deep coma at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, where I could not talk, or walk, or even move on my own.

This past school year, I have spent at home with therapists, teachers and support workers, and I have relearned how to walk, balance, think and communicate. Our attitudes are very important. They have a huge impact on life. It is important to not face each day with a crummy attitude. Instead, put on a smile, be thankful, and face each day with hope and strength. Over the last year, I have gone through many mixed emotions. There were times at night when I felt like giving up, but God gave me hope. In the morning, I awoke with a new perspective, renewed faith, and determination.

When hard times come your way, when the unexpected happens, do not lose hope or give up. Thank you for encouraging me in mine. Christ is humble, He is meek, He is lowly. He is unlike the kings of the Earth. They are the humble and lowly. I can be propagandized: Bind me up even more,. And choke-tie me bound down!

I might be God-bearing,. And bring heaven around! Tie me with tithes and endless tax-and-spend fees,. Tie me with sailing ship anchor-chains of great guilt,. Tie me with uncritical thought immersion,. Empires of emotional insanity,. Built on foundations of sand,. Built by cruelly tying me up,. Your shackled Christian man. Blinkered until In That Day,. A day of improvement. A day when God must manifest,. A day when rapture and the rest,. Are cut off by orthodox conversions.

Tied up until denouement,. Then free-in-God at last! No limit to God manifesting,. When bad doctrines are axed! The free Christian so happy,. Will find it odd that for so long,. Ties were what believers felt! Get free, oh captives,. Now, In That Day: We buy freedom that God is selling! Oh denouement, oh denouement! Cut loose lie-ties, and God lives in,. Oh freed ones, oh freed ones,. Cry not for what freedom has cost! Help others, help others,. Tied up in insouciance: Yes, people will cry when denouement comes,.

Zombie Ogres and Orgs Compared. L isten now my sons,. Though the wind does howl! As the embers burn,. Hear the truth in my jowl! And there are zombies not! My blood runs hot! Made up he is! He carries no blade! But the Zombie Org,. Run for the hills! How on earth can we,. Zombie Orgs on Wall Street,. Have crashed all the jobs! Zombie Orgs in government,. Are run by idiot nabobs! Zombie Orgs in religion,. Son, see a Zombie Org,. It only kills others,. Run from Zombie Orgs, hoping,. And keep your mouth shut,. And be Zombie Org blessing. Zombie Orgs have allegiance,. Just say you hate the mythical Zombie Ogres!

Then there will be peace,. You will have won over Zombie-Org-lovers! Until In That Day when,. Truth, love and pure-honest justice reigns,. Zombie Orgs will make sure,. Wormwood and gall are all that remains. God, how I hate Zombie Orgs! How I love ogres in stories of legend and lore! Stories tell us to be brave warriors,. And fight evil, even in an ogre, until it is no more! Yes, sons, run now,. From every evil bunch,. That is my hunch. Let this campfire before us,. Burning hot-spectral in the coals now die,. We keep swords of truth: God, Set Us Free!

I saw a generation wayward,. That generation was mine,. The next generation I saw,. Despite my praying, my patience,. This generation wanted to be,. Well, not yet God-graced. Not the whole of masses,. Certain lads and lasses. Rebels without a cause,. And their lives reconstruct. To see the next generation lost? How to save us,. God of mercy, what is the cost? Satan brings it destruction,. You awaken a few,. Is it in adoption,.

Adopted-in-spirit sons and daughters,. But how to turn off,. You are a God of justice and good-heart,. I will believe in no other,. Save our families, oh Lord, with the,. Love of Jesus, our brother. And I die as well,. Alone in my home weeping, praying in my bathtub,. I scream my voice flat. Something wrong with your throat, son? My mother tells me,. God, set us free! Years come, years pass,. Give me one kin, oh Lord,.

In which to fully, completely partner,. Our family shall be praised,. For the love of God and art in her! This not too much to ask,. For a too-proud family,. With little to brag on,. Until all are free. Governments govern at behest of governed,. And three-part government limits powers,. That government not tyrannize sheeple. If this is so, and it of course is,. Why does popular post-Enlightenment narcissism make,. Is not unknown in history! Even if it is not true,. It is well conceived. Se non e vero,. Them that got, shall get,. Take worship of supine weakness,.

Take inane mantras unquestioned repeated,. Take earth-wide full corruption,. Not ferreted out by preachers , but throne-seated! And you get a world of confusion,. Only Satan and his minions can keep. Take how hard it is to,. Read and honor the author of this poem,. Thank God you see better! As for blind leaders: But the Christian deceivers,. They say, You owe them all! I say you owe me nothing,. But to pray for their fall.

The Christian broadcast deceivers,. Say, Do not wake up from their matrix! Only they interpret scripture,.

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  • They say, Let them be: Love them and their trollup doxie! To laugh them naked: We who are not deceived,. While the seers are grieved. The seers are grieved,. Just remove pride and prejudice,. And salute God in true-taught men,. Christian Broadcast Matrix Makers Unite! C hristian Broadcast Matrix Makers unite! And choose yourselves this day,. To repent of epic shenanigans,. Or blow the thought away. If you think your matrix witchcraft,. Can bring your ignorant-taught to enlightenment heaven,. Then you believe what never can be,.

    And you believe what never is and never once has been. Deceivers making the deceived,. Cast no true light,. Wrong is always wrong,. Before it is too late,. Now unmake your fate. Now teach the world,. How your shenanigans worked! Your wicked wiles then besmirched!

    Wolves for the first time! You can free them,. Matrix makers of religion,. You served the world poorly,. Entrapping sheep to wiles,. They needed to see sorely! Wiles of business, politics and media,. You pioneered to enslave,.

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    Now you will expose to audiences,. So none again ever be knave. Stop it, you Christian fools! No glory to dung,. Be infilled, God-bearing jewels! But now you are neither,. You glorify dung piled high,. Even the elect would not see,. Must repent and set yourselves free. A n angel from heaven visited me,. To tell me something more,. The angel from heaven told me,. Each person on earth, he told me,. Can get four coins stored in heaven! Or, he said, the reverse is true,. The first gold coin of heaven,. He said, is called the Gift of Life,. Peace in earthly strife. The first bad coin of hell,.

    He said, is called the Curse of Death,. The second coin of heaven,. Front is named Equality,. Treat others with no prejudice,. Life and our God too,. And little to rue. The second coin of hell,. Front is named Advantage,. Third coin of heaven: Back refers to your work in day,. Third coin of hell: Fourth coin of heaven,. Fourth coin of hell,. Both sides each say,. Now there are exceptions,. The angel told me,. Bind me as a fool. Oh man, work for coins,. That moth nor rust nor thief can steal! These coins of heaven,.

    And hell are entirely real! Learn and earn them, oh humans,. And with us angels and God on earth you shall dance! Is what God is always,. Is what Satan imbues,. What will you be buying? The angel asked me,. It had better be what,. Sets man and God free! Twice the angel asked me,. Thrice, the angel asked me,. M an invented the internet,. And man invented blogs,. But God created a crawler,. That beats all the odds! This crawling angel robot,.

    Searches the internet for sites,. Which sell wares to pastors,. God hates this matrix plenty,. With wiles sold by many,. Sniffs out bad blogs and books,. And discerns if the participants,. Are deceived Christian crooks! If so, then the robot,. Dispatches one hundred eighty angels,. Past, present and future: P eople are fallen by nature,.

    And inclined to fall,. This Enlightenment tells us,. To stop the worst of all. And what is the worst of all? Always illogical mystic tyranny,. Keeps mankind from being truly free! And who are mystic tyrants? They are the look-good-are-bad,. Who, by trickery, circumvent thought,. To get and hold power: Always we must believe give-to-get,.

    From the look-good-are-bad ,. They are at the top of getting: We at the bottom of giving: For our own good we give-to-get,. Mystic tyrants always misconstrue! Whether preacher, king or teacher,. Mystic tyrants are what they do! Do they demand no question,. Do they avoid critical reasoning? Watch out there, buddy! When it is muddy.

    Vote with your feet, partner,. Vote with your wallet,. The way to stop tyrants,. Leave and close pocket. That hits mystic tyrants,. People are fallen by nature,. Woe and Carbon Offsets. That bought carbon offsets,. For my fleet of ego-bling,. Like Catholics of old,.

    In That Day Teachings

    I sell sheep give-to-get,. But the money I spent,. Here I con others,. That I fly without guilt,. Offsets now a lie,. I am sergeant of my platoon,. My platoon of the corps,. We are recon rangers,. On the edges of war. Peace on all fronts,. Home runs and bunts. From Doogan on patrol,. From hot to over boil! Our general is a girl,. A girl just fourteen,. Cute as a button,. Satan wants her soul,. Sergeant Anger of the Devil,. Is now full rising up,. Sergeant Anger blinded her sight! Doogan, tell the artillery,. To bombard her with love!

    Get her to put on some music,. Command our canine corps,. To motivate her dog,. To dance around her room,. We can bring from the rear,. Bring in sleepy brother,. She gave dog and brother: Send in her father,. Has blocked our ploy! Dad is with his crying son,. Whose sister took from him joy.

    Doogan, where is mom? We need a tender touch! Oh yes, she divorced dad,. They miss her all so much. Doogan, I hate losing,. In her tantrum over socks,. Let her see note from Aunt Marge! This is a note from your aunt,. I do love you! For you, I always give thank! Your aunt now lives alone,. And I can get so depressed! But I think of you,. To keep those spirits suppressed!

    If ever you get angry,. We must think of us,. We beat the bastards,. Our little one has found her socks,. Hiding in a drawer! And what we are here for. We fight and others fight,. We fight like hell for you,. So God comes quick imbued. Father God is really,. Would all to Him salute,. You can beat the hell out of,. All your inner demons,. Think of me and Doogan,. And your angelic friends. When a spirit like anger,. Richard Rohr describe both the dawning of the light of awakening and the subsequent shadow emerging that must be integrated in order to move to the next stage.

    In the initial encounter with Light. Clean The Three Faces of David: David is blessed with many children from several wives as were the patriarchs of his time. But even though David was a great king and beloved of God, his own human love blinded him in his role as father. He falls victim to a common parental trap-lovin. Despite David's greatness as king and warrior, he is perhaps equally recognized as a lover of God and beloved of his people, both men and women. He also famously fell in love with another man's wife, Bathsheba. David is introduced in the Bible as a young shepherd, the youngest of a family from the tribe of Benjaminites, the least among the tribes.

    But in a classic plot reversal, David becomes not only the mightiest of warriors, but the greatest of kings of Isr. Clean The Coming of the Messiah? They will give the historical context behind these familiar images and words and perhaps new meaning as we hear them sung by our fav. Clean Hannah and Mary: In accepting the gift of the miraculous birth of their sons, both Hannah and Mary shared some similar experiences, whether in actual fact or by folklore. Clean Voices of Conscience: Prophet Ezekiel, Part 3. The prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah represent the changing consciousness and increasing conscience of the Jewish people.

    At the destruction of Jerusalem, we hear Ezekiel, who follows Jeremiah, voicing God's message of hope to the people and giving them vis. Prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah—Part 2. The prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah both represent the changing consciousness and increasing conscience of the Jewish people. The message of these two prophets was that in addition to being true to God, Israel was also taken to task when it failed to take. Prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah, Part 1.

    The message of these two prophets to Israel was that in addition to being true to God, it was also taken to task when it failed to. From Abraham to the letters of Paul, eight biblical covenants with God can be found that not only trace the changing relationship with God but also the evolution of human consciousness. Clean The Book of Job. As part of the Wisdom literature in the Jewish and Christian traditions, the Book of Job holds some of the most powerful and sweeping images of God and creation, as well as some of the most poignant and daunting conditions of human life.

    While world religions developed independently from one another for the most part and drew from the cultures and experiences of the people they arose from, there came a time of great change in world culture, known as the Axial Age. During this time, worl. As we hold that there are common truths that underlie all faith traditions, we also see the value in the Wisdom literature that has evolved with different traditions and cultures.

    Our own Wisdom literature is influenced by the culture that the Israelite. Clean Prayers From the Bible. The Bible is a theological, historical, symbolic, mythological collection of literature that records the evolution of morality and human relationship with God, as God has been known through the ages. It also has a smattering of prayers sprinkled throug. Clean The Transfiguration of Jesus. Like so many of the life events captured in the Gospels about Jesus, the transfiguration is a referential image from the Hebrew Bible with a couple of twists thrown in.

    Clean The Eschatological Jesus, Part 2. Could he have been both? Or some combination of the two or what? Clean The Eschatological Jesus. Or some combination of the two? Clean Jesus and the Q Document, Part 2. The source document, known as Q, may have been one of several sources that are not available to us today or have not yet been recovered. Clean Jesus and the Q Document, Part 1. Zoroastrianism was prevalent in the years before and after Jesus' life, and its influence on t. Clean The Infancy Gospels: In the days of early Christianity, interest in Jesus' early life began to grow, and out of that stories arose about the circumstances of his birth and childhood that are not conveyed in the canonical gospels.

    The Gospel of Thomas contains the stories ab. In the first days of Christianity, interest in Jesus' early life began to grow. Consequently, stories arose about the circumstances of his birth and childhood that are not conveyed in the canonical Gospels. The Gospel of James, for example, contains sto. Out of that interest arose stories about the circumstances of his birth and childhood that are not conveyed in the canonical gospels. The Gospel of Thomas contains the stori.

    Clean The Gospel of Mary—Part 2. As we explore the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, we discover that it not only contains controversial references to the possible relationship she had with Jesus, but also has rich spiritual teaching that we can apply to our own lives today. In addition, her s. Clean The Gospel of Mary.

    Different versions of the arrest and trial, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus are depicted in the Gospels. As we compare them, we find differences that the Gospel writers wanted to convey in telling them with a specific purpose, and we see how th. Different versions of the arrest and trial, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus appear in the Gospels. As we compare them, we find that each Gospel writer had a specific purpose in telling his story, and we see how the stories and their difference. Different versions of the arrest, trial, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus are depicted in the Gospels.

    As we compare them, we find differences that the Gospel writers wanted to convey in telling them with a specific purpose, and we see how they. Who was Mary Magdalene really? What was her relationship with Jesus? Why has she been depicted as a scandalizing figure in Christianity? The answers to these questions and many more may surprise you. Ideas such as hell, purgatory and limbo were developed hundreds of years after Jesus' life. Learn what led to their inclusion in Christian cosmolo. Clean The Devil in the Details of Christianity. Where did the notion of the devil come from?

    In this program, we will e. Clean Christianity Before the Gospels, Part 3. Clean Christianity Before the Gospels, Part 2. After Jesus' death and before the Gospels were written, groups known as the Jesus Movement promoted philosophical ideas that they believed were embodied by the teachings of Jesus. Among those ideas was that of the establishment of the "kingdom of God" h. Clean Christianity Before the Gospels, Part 1. After Jesus' death and before the gospels were written, the Jesus Movement consisted of groups who considered radical ideas for living as a community.

    Some of these ideas came from philosophies of the day but were fueled by the teachings of Jesus and hi. Clean Women Who Challenged Jesus 3: The Woman at the Well, Part 2. The Gospel writers often described the Pharisees, scribes and lawyers as "challenging" Jesus, usually with regard to some point of Jewish law. Out of those encounters, Jesus often taught an expanded understanding of Jewish law-the spirit of the law-that.

    Clean Women Who Challenged Jesus 2: The Woman at the Well, Part 1.

    Children by Khalil Gibran - Poetic Essay

    Clean Women Who Challenged Jesus, 1: Known and Nameless Women. The Gospel writers often described the Pharisees, scribes and lawyers as challenging Jesus, usually with regard to some point of Jewish law. Out of those encounters, Jesus often taught an expanded understanding of Jewish lawthe spirit of the lawthat has. Clean Origins of the Gospels: Scholars have given us much insight into who the authors may h. To anyone who has read the five Gospels about the life and ministry of Jesus, it is clear that there are similarities, contradictions and stark differences in style and content among them.

    Scholars have given us much insight into who the authors may hav. To anyone who has read the five gospels about the life and ministry of Jesus, it is clear that there are similarities, contradictions and stark differences in style and content among them. Clean The Teachings of Jesus, Part 3: Biblical archeology and scholarship have revealed much about the time of Jesus: Clean The Teachings of Jesus, Part 2: Clean Returning Home, Part 3.

    These books of the canonical bible reflect this growing acceptance. Clean Returning Home, Part 2. As the Israelites return to their homeland, the process of rebuilding the temple begins. They struggle with the prophet Ezra's exhortations to return to their old pre-Babylonian ways as they acclimate themselves to a home they barely remember or never. Clean Returning Home, Part 1. The prophets whose writings originated in the sixth century BC. We will explore these writings from the perspective of the consciousness of the writers in this time period, the me.

    The prophets whose writings originated in the eighth century BC. We will explore these writings from the perspective of the consciousness of the writers in this time period, the message intende. E include Amos, Hosea, 1 Isaiah and Micah. We will explore these writings from the perspective of the consciousness of the writers in this time period, the message intended for the Israelit. As we complete this series on the allegories, we describe how the stories from other cultures are reflected in those we find in Genesis.

    This influence does not diminish their importance to our spiritual lives, but enhances its relevance to the human co. Clean In the Beginning, Part 2. Clean In the Beginning, Part 1. Did you know that there are two creation stories in the Bible? That there is an allusion to a time "when giants walked the earth? Clean The Books of the Apocrypha: The establishment of the Hasmonean dynasty over the independent state of Judea after Seleucid oppression is the subject of this account of history of the Jewish state.

    There is political intrigue as well as warfare; the desecration of the temple and its. This book parallels the Book of Daniel so closely, it appears to be the book rewritten in some parts. Still there are parallels to some of the other prophets, and it represents the Jewish thought and belief that served the Jewish community during times.

    Like Proverbs, this book is full of wisdom teachings on such subjects as proper speech, riches and poverty, honesty, diligence, choice of friends, sin and death, retribution and wisdom itself. Join Jim and Karen as they discover what insights may still. While this book was attributed to Solomon, he is not mentioned nor involved in its writing. This is more of a philosophical understanding of the author of the first century BCE about immortality of righeousness and karmic consequences.

    Join Karen and Ji. In the tradition of David and Goliath, Deborah as warrior and Esther as savior of her people, comes the story of Judith, a pious widow who by her faith in God takes matters into her own hands and saves her people and Jerusalem. Learn about this little-k. Clean Books of the Apocrypha: Clean A Nutshell History of the Bible. How did the Bible get written? While we may think of the Bible as inspired, it was clearly written by different individuals in different times in history. Some books are from the hand of more than one author. Some were written, rewritten and edited ove.

    Clean Sayings of the Historical Jesus: Observations of Jesus, Part 2. Many of the sayings of Jesus were in the form of simple descriptions or observations. They tell us something about how Jesus looked at the world and suggest much about the nature of human existence and about what it means to "put on the mind of Christ.

    Observations of Jesus, Part 1. They tell us something about how Jesus looked at the world and suggest much about the nature of human existence and about what it means to put on the mind of Christ. Not all of the original stories Jesus told began with the kingdom is like To understand his message, we must look at the parables from a fresh perspec. Clean Sayings of the Historical Jesus, 3.

    Many of the teachings of Jesus were in the form of parables and observations, rather than in the form of commands. To interpret Jesus parables and observations, it is helpful to consider his direct commandments, that is, the statements he made in the im. As in the first part of this two-part series on The kingdom of God is like In part 2, we read more of t. Biblical scholars have long known that much attributed to Jesus were not likely his words.

    But through cultural studies of the people of Jesus' time and archaeological findings, much more is known and understood about the historical Jesus. Clean God as Good Shepherd, Part 2. Clean God as Good Shepherd. Clean The Season of Advent: In the weeks preparing for Christmas, the Christian church has observed a set of themes for spiritual contemplation and growth.

    Join Jim and Karen as they explore these themes using the scriptural references from the Christian liturgy. Clean Scandals of the Bible. Scandals abound in the Bible! Clean Scoundrels of the Bible. When you think of people in the Bible, do they conjure up righteous, pious images? Did you know that there are some real scoundrels who often create situations that require the heroes to step forward in faith and courage and to act heroically? Clean Unity's Five Basic Teachings: If we are made in God's image and God is everywhere present and all good, then what role does prayer play?

    Unity teaches that we create our world and our experience through the activity of our thoughts. Learn how the Bible demonstrates this truth in stories and verses when you join Jim and Karen for this lively discussion! Perhaps this second teaching of Unity could be considered the most controversial and the point at which Unity deviates from traditional Christianity. Learn how the Bible supports this teaching and why this one idea changes everything! The first and central teaching of Unity is that God is good and everywhere present. The Bible is full of illustrations and references of the nature of God and the notion of only one God.

    Join Karen and Jim as they explore the Bible in reference to this. Clean Shadow Women of the Bible. Women are often overlooked or downplayed in the Bible, used as foils for men's actions and even remaining nameless in stories told about them. Emerging from the shadows are a number of very interesting women in the Bible who display both positive and ne. Clean Miracle Mothers of the Bible. Many of the heroes and patriarchs had miraculous or sensational births to herald the greatness that they would achieve.

    But their mothers often played an important role in their births besides the obvious one! Clean Heroines of the Bible. Women played key roles at various times in the history of the Jewish people and even in gospels. Join Karen and Jim as they explore several important heroines outlined in both the Hebrew and Christian Bibles and learn what they can teach us today.

    Clean Matriarchs of the Bible. Join Jim and Karen as they explore these women, their stories and the heritage they instilled. No self-respecting explorer would go out in the wild without a survival guide and kit, so why would someone on the spiritual expedition of life be any different? Join our host, Rev.

    Paulette Pipe, as she navigates her way through Unitys very own Surviva. The second part of the exploration of the Epistle to the Hebrews focuses on its use of spiritual symbolism, its metaphysical teachings, and its profound message about how faith can work miracles!

    Biblical Power for Your Life

    Join Karen and Jim as they explain one of the most powerf. The author of the "Epistle to the Hebrews" was not known, even to second-century Christians, and remains a mystery to biblical scholars to this day. There are a variety of scholarly theories about the authorship of the Epistle, including one theory that. Clean The Letters of Paul: Social issues of the day are part of the subject of Paul's two letters.

    In Titus, Paul defends the lack of need for circumcision for non-Jews to be Christians, but warns against immorality that comes through misleading teachings. In Philemon, he address. While much of the first letter involves church administration, there is also much encouragement that can be found in the second letter that we can apply to our spiritual lives. Taken together, we get a picture of the early church that often reflects our. In these two letters, Paul addresses a community that had found its values, separate from the society surrounding it, but feeling pressures from society to turn back to the life from which they had come.

    Learn how this letter advises u. The church in Colossae was challenged by the practice of various religious traditions, which threatened to sway the focus from Christ to a variety of other sources. Paul's letter seeks to bring their attention back to the cosmic Christ and faith in Jesu.

    In this letter to the church of Philippi in Macedonia, Paul encourages persistence in faith and holding higher ideals in the face of challenge. Join Jim and Karen as they explore the historical and theological ideas expressed here, as well as spiritual. This letter to the church of Ephesus is believed to have been written by a follower of Paul who referenced and reinterpreted some previous letters of Paul. Ideas, words and phrases appear here that appear nowhere else in Paul's writings, including the s.

    Foresight for Forerunners – From 10,000 Feet

    This important letter outlines Paul's rationale for faith in Christ that makes one right with God with no need to become Jewish or faithful to Mosaic Law. It includes all Gentiles and establishes a foundation for Christianity to take its place among wo. This letter contains evidence of a strained relationship between Paul and the church of Corinth. It reveals parts of Paul's own life, his ministry and the concern that he felt for the churches he had established. Nonetheless, there are many passages of. The first letter of Paul to the Corinthians contains his moral guidelines to the Corinth church, his list of spiritual gifts and one of the most famous love poems of all time.

    Join Jim and Karen as they discuss this letter from a Unity perspective and a. Believed to be one of his greatest works, Paul's letter to the Romans contains much of the maturity of his theological thought concerning humanity's need for redemption and Jesus' role in that redemption as well as the way to receive that redemption thr. Clean Healing Works of the Apostles. In a few passages of the Gospels and in the first few chapters of the Book of Acts, the apostles are charged to take up and expand the healing ministry of Jesus. We will explore what we can learn from Jesus' command to them to go out "two by two" to pre.

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