Sage Canes House of Grace and Favor (Five Star Expressions)

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Fethering residents, Jude and Carole, get more than they bargained for when a lunchtime meal in their local pub leaves everyone with food poisoning.

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The landlord is horrified and when a series of disasters start to befall his business it looks like it could be the end of the road The Case of the Deceiving Don: That Buzzard from Brimstone: Sage Cane's House of Grace and Favor: In a woman needed guts to live in the Old West, and Sage Cane had an abundance. Penniless and in debt after the death of her father, then abandoned at the altar by a fortune-hunting scoundrel, she headed for Colorado go Rangers of El Paso: Death and the Crossed Wires: Death of a Lovable Geek: The body of young Froggy Quale lies, covered by a blue tarp, in the pasture behind Castle Dunlaggan in the Scottish Highlands.

Froggy was the on-site pollen and spore expert at the nearby archaeological dig and a graduate student who doesn't seem to have had an enemy in the world. In for a Penny: Strangle a Loaf of Italian Bread: To Hell in a Handbasket: We asked him where we could find a haberdashery so as to find some nourishment for our word-dry sanity. Inside was a variety of choices and all looked inviting. But do or die, Miss Cane decided to take the bull by the horns and wrangle up a profitable business along with enjoining herself with some of the miners up on the hill.

Our minds were beginning to relax from the dusty ride. Miss Christy has a lyrical command on the written word with examples like: Fairplay Creek was full of activity. A ruckus or two at the bordello. Miners finding gold and celebrating with much gusto. A Sheriff with a past and a hankering for Miss Cane. New town rules with a new bath house and a school and church on the horizon. Mean-ass men beatin on their women. Heck, they even sported a necktie party for the chump who went and killed Honey Wild.

Snuz and I enjoyed our stop in the growing mountain town. The people treated us real nice and polite like. Miss Christy Hubbard was warm and charming and invited us back for a new adventure she was sure we would delight in. We both looked up and saw five stars twinkling over the Rocky Mountain tops. When she reaches the gold mountainous town, Sage learns that her inheritance is actually Wild Mountain Honey bordello and her Aunt Hannah make that Honey was a madam.

Sage plans to shut the place down, but single dad widower Sheriff Bridger Norwood explains that the bordello keeps the miners off the street. However, though she agrees to keep it open for now, Sag begins setting in motion her plans to make sure the cook, the bookkeeper, the six ladies and her are economically independent and never rely on a man. She also begins to change the town's attitude with her new charm school to teach wives and female minors how to keep their men home.

As the sheriff and the shrewd businesswoman fall in love, more changes caused by Sage are coming to Fairplay Creek. Adage, maxim, prov- erb, saying, dictum, apothegm, saw. Lecture, disquisition, discourse, sermon. Each, individually, sev- erally, distributively, sepa- rately.

Together, collectively, synthetically, in the aggre- gate. Tn or from " The Revelation of St. John the Divine"; prophetic, mystical, mysterious; manifesting, re- vealing, unveiling. Concealing, obscuring t shrouding, eclipsing. Unauthentic, un- canonical, legendary, fictitious, false, equivocal, doubtful, spu- rious. Palpable, authorized, accepted, authentic, genuine, current, verified, attested. Plea, excuse, defense, confession, acknowledgment, justification, vindication, ex- planation, extenuation.

Charge, censure, im- putation, condemnation, insult, complaint, offense, wrong. Renegade, turncoat, backslider, deserter, pervert, traitor. Adherent, supporter, zealot, dogmatist, fanatic. Saying, dictum, proverb, aphorism, precept, by- word. Sermon, discourse, ti- rade, harangue. Terrify, frighten, dis- may, shock, daunt, alarm, af- fright. Clothes, dress, rai- ment, attire, costume, habit, guise, garments, robes, ves- ture, wardrobe, equipment, trappings. Nudity, deshabille, rags, tatters. Seeming, probable, likely, obvious, conspicuous, manifest, clear, patent, evident, plain, legible, specious.

Real, hidden, dubious, improbable, doubtful, unimag- inable, unsupposable, minute. Address, invoke, en- treat, implore, supplicate, sue, petition. Protest, defy, abjure, disdain, deprecate, repudiate. Semblance, look, show, pretense, guise, fashion; arrival, advent, apparition; de- meanor, air, complexion, man- ner. Disappearance, eva- nition, departure, vanishing. Calm, pacify, soothe, quell, mollify, mitigate, lull; propitiate, placate, satisfy, rec- oncile. Aggravate, exasperate, provoke, inflame, incense, eat- cite. Epithet, title, de- scription, designation, name.

At- tachment, addition, adjunct, supplement. Main body, original, whole, total. Belong, inhere, ad- here, regard, concern, touch, re- late. Be remote, far-fetched, or forced, have no bearing upon. Longing, craving, de- sire, relish, gust, zest, liking. Praise, approbation, commendation, compliment, plaudit, acclamation, eclat, clapping of hands. Denunciation, censure, blame, sibilation, vituperation f hissing. Means, in- struments, appointments, ap- purtenances, tools, adjuncts, equipment ; resources, steps, measures, ways; contrivances. Fit, appropriate, suitable, pertinent, apt, proper, relevant, germane ; adjustable.

Irrelevant, useless, un- available, impertinent. Petitioner, solicitor, suitor, candidate, aspirant. Divert, misuse, dis- card, divorce. Determine, establish, fix; assign, allot, designate; nominate, name, create; equip, supply, furnish; direct, com- mand, decree, enjoin, impose, re- quire, ordain. Reserve, cancel, dis- arrange, reverse, unthhold, re- tain, undo, suspend, recall, withdraw. Assignation, as- signment, agreement, arrange- ment; meeting, tryst; station, position, office, place; decree, command, order, edict, ordi- nance, mandate, requirement, law.

Appoint, allot, ap- propriate, divide, distribute, share, grant, dispense, assign, deal. Retain, collect, con- solidate, receive, gather, di- vert. Apt, pertinent, suit- able, seasonable, apropos, fit, applicable, adapted. Untimely, irrelevant, unfitting, impertinent, mis- placed. Estimate, prize, value, rate, fix a price for, sur- vey, assess, assize. Undervalue, discard, misprize; discount, rebate, al- low.

Estimate justly, value highly, esteem, prize, raise the value of; recognize, respect. Undervalue, misjudge, ignore, misconceive; depreciate, disdain. Arrest, seize, take, catch, capture; imagine, con- ceive, regard; perceive, realize, understand, appreciate; fear, forebode. Miss, lose, misundeT' stand, ignore, misconceive. Arrest, cap- ture; understanding, intelli- gence, mind, reason ; notice, cog- nizance ; conception, imagina- tion ; knowledge, discernment, perception, sense; opinion, fancy, sentiment, notion, fear, suspicion, anxiety.

Escape, non-detection; sensibility, emotion; apathy, lethargy; illiteracy, stupidity, stolidity; confidence, noncha- lance.

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Give notice, inform, tell, publish, advise, acquaint. Deceive, mislead, hood- wink, mystify. Advance, draw near, bring near, go near, push ; broach, address confidentially; resemble closely, be like, simi- lar, or equal. Diverge, retreat, go back; retard, restrain; be un- like. Praise, commen- dation, approval, liking; sup- port, consent, sanction, indorse- ment, concurrence, assent. Censure, protest, de- nial, disapproval, dissatisfac- tion.

Praise, commend, sanction, support, encourage, authorize. Disparage, condemn, disown, repudiate, dislike. Approach, nearness, similarity, likeness, contiguity, resemblance, pro- pinquity, neighborhood. Remoteness, variation, distance, difference, divergence. Belonging, con- nected, appended, attached, co- ordinate. Isolated, detached, un- allied, independent.

Theoretically; neces- sarily, apodictically, constitu- tionally, absolutely, primordi- ally, inductively. A posteriori; practi- cally, according to experience; deductively from facts. Opportune, seasonable, apposite, timely, apt, suitable. Inopportune, irrele- vant, untimely, inapt, unsuit- able. Disposition, knack, endowment, tendency, inclina- tion, fitness, suitability, bias, propensity. Unreadiness, unskilful- ness, repugnance, incongruity.

Umpire, judge, referee ; controller, master, lord. Appellant, claimant, litigant, disputant. Despotic, autocratic, tyrannical, overbearing, pe- remptory; capricious, wilful, fanciful; imperious, dictatorial. Considerate, lenient, obliging, equitable. Mediation, inter- cession, interposition, interven- tion; arbitrament, umpirage, trial, judgment, decision. Litigation, contention, disputation, appeal, dissension.

Passionate, fervent, in- tense, vehement, fierce, fiery; hot, burning; zealous, enthusi- astic, strenuous. Cool, cold, indifferent, , torpid, apathetic, dispassionate, phlegmatic. Reasoning, proof, evidence, controversy, discus- sion, debate; subject, topic, theme, thesis; summary, ab- stract, outline. Dryness, parchedness, sterility, unfertility, barren- ness; dulness, indifference, tor- pidity, insensibility. Moisture, fertility, ver- dancy, luxuriance, productivity.

Ascend, mount, get up, stand up; rebel, revolt; result, eventuate. Descend, dismount; submit, cower; cause, instigate. Government of nobles; nobility, peerage, gen- try. Democracy; people, populace, masses, rabble. Equip, array, furnish, gird, accouter, provide; fortify, cover, protect, guard; prepare.

Soldiery, legion, arma- ment, forces, host, phalanx, troops. Fragrant, spicy, balmy, redolent, odoriferous, ambrosial. Scentless, malodorous, fetid, offensive, noisome, rank. Excite, provoke, insti- gate, stimulate, animate, kindle, warm, whet, summon, awaken. Allay, mitigate, mod- erate, still, quiet, assuage, quell. Accuse, charge, indict, impeach, denounce; prosecute- ANT. Acquit, discharge, con- done, release. Settle, determine, ad- just; dispose, group, marshall, rank, range, distribute, place; plan, contrive, project, devise, construct, organize. Confuse, disturb, jumble, disperse, disorder, de- range.

Order, parade, show, exhibition, collection, arrange- ment, line of battle, disposi- tion. Apprehend, capture, seize, detain, hold, take pris- oner; stop. Liberate, free, dismiss, release, discharge; expedite. Advent, coming; comer, person or thing arrived. Reach, get to, come ; at- tain, touch, overtake; happen. Depart, set out or forth, be gone. Haughty, insolent, proud, lordly, disdainful, su- percilious, self-important, ego- istic, overbearing, dogmatic, imperious.

Humble, diffident, po- lite, bashful, servile, consider- ate. Craft, business, calling, em- ployment, trade; practical knowledge ; creation of beauty ; skill, dexterity, sagacity, apti- tude, cleverness, ingenuity ; cunning, artifice, deceit, guile. Misrepresentation, cari- cature; candor, simplicity; in- competency, inability. Tiling, substance, com- modity; part, portion, particu- lar, point, item, member; essay, paper, monograph, brochure. Nothing, nullity, cipher; totality, entirety, unity, integer. Join, unite, connect, fasten together; enunciate, ut- ter distinctly, pronounce.

Disperse, separate, rend, dissect, disjoin, discon- nect; whisper; render mute, si- lence, muzzle. Cunning, craft, machi- nation, stratagem, guile, device, contrivance, cheat, imposture, trick, ruse, maneuver, wile. Fairness, frankness, candor, openness, sincerity, truth, honesty, artlessness, in- genuousness, simplicity. Unnatural, factitious ; feigned, counterfeit, fictitious, spurious, sham ; affected, forced, strained.

Natural, genuine, spon- taneous, transparent, artless, unaffected. Designer, contriver, skilled workman, artisan; me- chanic, operative; painter; sculptor, carver; master, mas- ter-hand. Rise, mount, soar, as- pire, go up, tower. Power, authority, sway, dominion, rule, mastery, control, government, influence. Determine, establish, settle, flx, define, verify; dis- cover, find out, get at.

Guess, surmise, sup- pose, presume, conjecture. Austere, rigid, severe, self-denying, abstinent, stern, puritanical. Lenient, indulgent, epicurean, pampered, mild, tol- erant. Impute, attribute, as- sign, refer, charge, set down. Dissociate, exclude; deny, refuse; disconnect. Request, petition, solicit, entreat, beg, beseech, suppli- cate, require of, crave, demand. Refuse, reject, deny; command, claim, exact, extort, enforce, insist. Air, mien, look, counte- nance, expression, feature, bear- ing; state, attitude, posture, condition, appearance; direc- tion, outlook, prospect. Sweetness, pleasant- ness; gentleness, mildness ; smoothness.

Slander, calumniate, traduce, vilify, attack, abuse, blemish, besmirch, vituperate, disparage, censure, slur, malign. Eulogize, vindicate, clear, defend, extol, praise, shield. Pronouncing with the rough breathing; yearning, longing, ardent desire, craving, spiritual ambition. Apathy, inertia, indif- ference, dulness, aversion, re- pudiation, avoidance. Attack, invation, charge, onset, onslaught, ag- gression. Resistance, defense, re- pulsion, retaliation, undermin- ing.

Gather, collect, con- vene, congregate, meet, come together. Disperse, scatter, dis- miss. Concourse, company, gathering, congregation, as- semblage, meeting, convocation, throng ; congress, parliament, legislature, synod, diet, coun- cil, convention; ball, dance, dancing party. Dispersion, dismissal, disunion, disruption. Acquiescence, ac- knowledgment, approval, con- currence, approbation, accord, consent, agreement, compliance. Disagreement, dissent, difference, protest, declension. Asseveration, prot- estation, allegation ; position, statement, word, declaration; vindication, defense, mainte- nance.

Denial, contradiction, abandonment, protest, dis- avowal, retraction, repudiation, confutation, abjuration. Tax, value, appraise, es- timate, compute, fix, assign, de- termine, impose. Discount, rebate, uA- low. Diligent, industri- ous, untiring, indefatigable, de- voted, constant, attentive, painstaking, laborious, persist- ent, active. Indolent, remiss, inat- tentive, lazy, desultory, incon- stant. Appointment, al- lotment; specification, fixing, determination, offer, presenta- tion; transfer, allowance.

Withdrawal, refusal; acceptance, reception. Make similar, cause to resemble; digest, appropri- ate, incorporate, absorb. Contrast, reject, sepa- rate, segregate. Help, aid, succor, re- lieve, support, befriend, serve; speed, sustain, promote, fur- ther, cooperate with, patronize. Hinder, oppose, an- tagonize, prevent, resist, coun- teract. Companion, com- rade, chum, friend, helpmate, partner, colleague, coadjutor, accomplice, ally, consort, con- federate, peer. Antagonist, enemy, foe, opponent, rival, stranger, op- poser.

Federation, fellow- ship, alliance, companionship, society, union, partnership, lodge, company, confederacy, corporation, fraternity, club. Arrangement, al- lotment, distribution; set, class, group, parcel, collection; vari- ety, miscellany. Disarrangement, dis- placement, misplacement j con- glomeration. Soothe, pacify, miti- gate, ease, alleviate, abate, calm.

Excite, inflame, pro- voke, aggravate, exasperate. Arrogate, feign, pre- tend, take, usurp, accept, affect, appropriate, claim.

Waive, allow, surren- der; doff; concede, grant, aban- don, resign; demonstrate, prove, argue. Presumption, hy- pothesis, theory, postulate, con- jecture ; acceptance of, responsi- bility for; usurpation, arro- gance, haughtiness, conceit, lordliness, impudence, effront- ery. Truth, fact; timidity, distrust, misgiving, consterna- tion. Confidence, effront- ery, presumption, assumption, arrogance, impudence, self-re- liance, boldness, assertion; pledge. Doubt, distrust, hesi- tancy, misgiving, timidity, con- fusion, dismay, shyness.

Amaze, startle, sur- prise, astound, stupefy, stagger. Keen, discerning, acute, sagacious, shrewd, sharp, cun- ning, subtle, discriminating, knowing, perspicacious, crafty. Stupid, unintelligent, imbecile, dull, idiotic, short- sighted, shallow. Infamous, outra- geous, nefarious, villainous, dia- bolical, heinous, flagrant, hor- rible. Humane, noble, honor- able, admirable, chivalrous, gen- erous. Adherence, friend- ship, regard, tenderness, love, esteem, affection, devotion, in- clination, union.

A lienation, aversion, coolness, distance, estrange- ment, indifference, antipathy, animosity, dislike, enmity, di- vorce. Assault, storm, as- sail, invade, charge, rush upon, spring upon ; censure, criticize ; combat, besiege, beset. Withstand, defend, re- sist, support, shield, aid, up- hold, shelter, vindicate, protest. Achieve, accomplish, gain, master, secure, earn, ob- tain, win, acquire, accomplish. Lose, fail of, forfeit, give up, abandon, let go, miss.

Winning, getting, accomplishing, securing; eru- dition, acquirement, wisdom, accomplishment, mental re- sources, information, learning, enlightenment.

הוצאת Five Star (ME)

Inspiration, intuition, genius; ignorance. Try, undertake, seek, endeavor, essay, attack, strive.

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Abandon, shun, drop, dismiss, negleot. Presence; persons present; train, retinue; minis- tration, service, waiting on. Absence; non-atten- dance; neglect, abandonment. Care, notice, obser- vation, consideration, watchful- ness, alertness; study, reflec- tion, application ; respect, cour- tesy, politeness, civility, regard j courtship, devotion, wooing.

Indifference, careless- ness, heedlessness, abstraction, distraction, absence of mind; neglect, preoccupation, ignor- ing. Rarefy, thin, reduce, diminish, make slender, slim, or spare, lessen. Amplify, dilate, swell, develop, enlarge, broaden, ex- pand, increase. Bear witness, certify, indorse, corroborate, support, authenticate; invoke, adjure; prove, show, manifest, exhibit.

Controvert, contradict, disprove, deny, upset, refute; conceal; vitiate. Dress, apparel, robes, garments, habiliments, habit, raiment, uniform, costume, liv- ery. Position, pose, pos- ture, situation, standing, aspect. State, condition, es- sence; amorphism. Drawing, allure- ment, lure, fascination, charm, enticement, witchery, grace. Repulsion, aversion, disinclination, repugnance. Quality, property, characteristic, peculiarity, mark. Essence, substance, na- ture, being. Ascribe, assign, impute, refer, charge, connect, associate. Separate, sever, sun- der, disconnect, deny, dissociate.

Bold, daring, fear- less, courageous, venturesome, intrepid, dauntless ; presumptu- ous, forward, assuming, impu- dent, impertinent, insolent, ANT. Timid, cowardly, cau- tious; unenterprising; retiring. Foretell, portend, pre- dict, presage, prophesy, divine, prognosticate, betoken. Demonstrate, estab- lish, settle, prove, warrant, cal- culate. Awful, imposing, ma- jestic, stately, grand, regal, kingly, princely, noble, dig- nified. Mean, common, vulgar, beggarly, commonplace, paltry.

Successful, fortu- nate, lucky, happy, prosperous; propitious, promising, oppor- tune, favorable. Hopeless, abortive, un- promising, unsatisfactory, dis- couraging. Severe, hard, stiff,, stern, uncompromising, unre- lenting, ascetic, rigid, formal. Affable, kindly, indul- gent, genial, bland, mild, ten- der. Genuine, trust- worthy, veritable, accepted, au- thorized, certain, accredited, sure, true, reliable, original, legitimate. False, fictitious, spuri- ous, unauthorized, apocryphal, fabulous, counterfeit. Creator, maker, con- triver, originator, inventor ; writer, composer.

Destroyer, demolisher, spoiler, annihilator.

Power, government, empire, dominion; supremacy, control, influence, interest; or- der, precept, sanction, liberty, warranty; expert, master, con- noisseur. Anarchy, license, in- subordination, misrule, lynch law; embargo, restriction, hin- drance, proscription, prohibi- tion, injunction, interdiction; weakness, wrong, usurpation. Subordinate, depend- ent, responsible, Constitutional. Voluntary, free, op- tional. Assistant, helper, confederate, aid, ally, acces- sory, promoter, subordinate. Opponent, antagonist, hinderer, opposer. Serviceable, useful, profitable, beneficial, advanta- geous.

Useless, inappropriate, irrelevant, inoperative. Grasping, sordid, greedy, covetous, miserly, stingy. Liberal, bountiful, ex- travagant, wasteful, prodigal, unselfish. Punish, retaliate, re- venge, vindicate. Forgive, pardon, over- look, condone, waive, forego, remit. Access, entrance, entry, approach, passage; alley, walk, street, road; route, channel. Assert, declare, say, pro- test, affirm, asseverate, allege. Deny, contradict, dis- avow. Medium, medial, mid- dling, ordinary, tolerable, mod- erate, mediocre, passable.

Extreme, excessive, per- fect, extraordinary, excellent. Dislike, hatred, re- pugnance, disgust, loathing, an- tipathy, abhorrence, detesta- tion, unwillingness. Sympathy, congenial- ity, ardor, eagerness, avidity, love, desire, affection. Eagerness, longing, de- sire, yearning; rapacity, crav- ing, greediness. Apathy, indifference, coldness, aversion, loathing. Quit, shun, abandon, es- cape, elude, withdraw, forsake, dodge. Seek, court, approach, accost, address, affect.

Assert, affirm, declare, protest, profess, asseverate. Deny, contradict, gain- say. Confess, own, acknowl- edge, admit, profess, proclaim, testify. Disavow, repudiate, deny, contradict, disclaim, ig- nore. Rouse, kindle, excite, provoke. Grant, allot, accord, dis- tribute, assign, decree, deter- mine.

Refuse, withhold, re- tain, misappropriate, deny. Conscious, sensible, cog- nizant, knowing, apprised, mindful. Fear, dread, reverence, veneration, terror, wonder. Contempt, familiarity, irreverence, disrespect, inso- lence. Dread, grand, imposing, majestic, noble, portentous, ap- palling, august, alarming, hor- rible, frightful, shocking, ter- rible.

Commonplace, contemp- tible, despicable, vulgar, undig- nified. Clumsy, bungling, ungainly, uncouth, rough, un- skilful. Clever, skilful, handy t dexterous, adroit. Oblique, slanting, twisted, crooked, distorted, athwart. Straight, direct, true, right. Truism, postulate, self- evident proposition, necessary truth. Paradox, sophism, con- tradiction, nonsense, absurdity. Chatter, prattle, jibber; prate, gossip, tattle; tell se- crets, blab, blurt out; murmur. Rush, suppress; enun- ciate. Tumult, disorder, clamor, confusion, discord, din, pother.

Silence; articulation, distinctness, enunciation; mo- notony. Remote, hind- most, in the rear; again, re- turn. Near, foremost, in ad- vance. Support, aid, second, sustain, assist; retire, retreat, withdraw; move backward, cause to go backward. Fail, disappoint; ad- vance, push. Slanderer, defamer, traducer, calumniator, de- tractor, cynic. Advocate, upholder, defender, vindicator. Recreant, apostate, renegade, deserter, abjurer. Confessor, zealot, bigot, adherent. Averse, indisposed, reluctant, loath, unwilling, hes- itating, wavering; dull, slow, stupid, stolid; late, tardy.

Forward, eager, will- ing, ready, prompt; quick, bright; previous, antecedent, prior. Evil, wicked, depraved, abandoned, corrupt, immoral, unfair, unprincipled, villainous ; pernicious, mischievous, hurt- ful, injurious, detrimental, un- wholesome ; unlucky, unfortu- nate ; sad, unwelcome, distress- ing, disappointing; sorry, mean, shabby, vile, wretched, abomi- nable; poor, imperfect; serious, hard, severe. Good, perfect, right, holy, beautiful, pleasant.

Frustrate, thwart, defeat, circumvent, checkmate, under- mine; bewilder, perplex, con- found, disconcert. Aid, assist, advance, encourage, promote.

Poise, hold in equilib- rium; weigh, compare, esti- mate; neutralize, counteract, compensate ; equalize, square, adjust. Upset, cant, tilt, over- balance, subveri. Bare, hairless; treeless, unsheltered, naked, verdure- less; unadorned, prosaic, dull, vapid, tame, inelegant; literal, unvarnished ; mere, unsup- ported, uncorroborated. Adorned, periwigged; forested, shaded; bright, ele- gant, rhetorical; ornate, pol- ished, ivitty, scintillating. Harmful, hurtful, in- jurious, baneful, pernicious, deadly, ruinous.

Christy Hubbard

Innocent, beneficial, salutary, advantageous. Aid, promote, insti- gate. Dismiss, drive out, eject, expel, exile, ostracize, evict, expatriate. Welcome, admit, pro- tect, domesticate, harbor. Feast, treat, regale- ment, entertainment, festiv- ity, carousal, cheer. Fast, starvation, ab- stinence. Badinage, irony, rail- lery, ridicule, satire, chaff, mockery, jeering, derision. Brutal, atrocious, cruel, inhuman, merciless, sav- age, barbaric, barbarian. Civilized, humane, po- lite, refined, tender, delicate, cultured, elegant, nice, courtly.

Nude, naked, unclothed, exposed; sheer, simple, mere; bald, unadorned, meager; poor, destitute, indigent, empty. Dressed, protected; rich, luxurious, costly.

Full text of "Dictionary of French and English, English and French"

Agreement, contract, stipulation, transaction ; pur- chase, speculation, haggling, getting, proceeds; cheap pur- chase. Sterile, childless, un- prolific ; unfertile, unproduc- tive; uninstructive, ineffectual. Productive, fertile, lux- uriant, fecund; profitable, use- ful. Obstruction, hindrance, obstacle, bar, barricade, ram- part; restraint, restriction.

Thoroughfare, en- trance, admittance, opening, passage. Cheap, worthless, inferior ; vulgar, humble, unknown; mean, contemptible, servile ; shameful, scandalous, vile. Noble, honored, ex- alted, pure, valued, lofty, es- teemed, refined. Modest, shy, retiring, reserved, diffident. Bold, forward, pert, impudent, confident, conceited, egoistic. Base, foundation, ground- work. Apex, top, superstruc- ture. Wash, lave, cover, flood, immerse, suffuse.

Fight, contest, skir- mish, combat, encounter, bout, engagement, strife, action, con- flict. Armistice, truce, con- cord. Trifle, toy, plaything, trinket, gimcrack, knickknack. Valuable, jewel, orna- ment, decoration, gem, posses- sion. Crown, wreath, garland, chaplet; honors, renown, plau- dits, praise, glory, applause. Disgrace, contumely, stigma, brand. Shore, strand, margin, sands, marge, rim, coast, sea- shore, seaboard.

Ocean, sea, deep, main. Signal fire, mark, sign, guide, light, flame. Shadow; dark; icill- o'-the-urisp, ignis fatuus. Shine, emit rays, bea- con, gleam, glitter, be radiant. Die out, grow dark, go out. Support, sustain, hold up, carry; have, hold, possess; suf- fer, undergo, endure, tolerate, submit to; permit, allow; main- tain, cherish, harbor; be re- sponsible for; produce, yield, give birth to; generate.

Drop, drag; release, give up; protest, resist, rebel, resent, reject. Behavior, deportment, demeanor, appearance, aspect, position, carriage, mien, air; relation, connection; patience, endurance ; direction, course, aim; effect, force, meaning, scope; producing; bed, socket. Misbehavior; disconnec- tion, independence, irrelevancy; pendency, suspension; diver- sion, deflection; inanity, ab- surdity. Strike, thrash, flog, cud- gel, pound, scourge, whip, bat- ter, smite, pommel, overcome, chastise, conquer, defeat, casti- gate, bruise, bastinado, belabor, switch, spank, worst, vanquish.

Soothe, stroke, caress, pat, shield, protect, mollify, heal. Ravishing, enrapturing, enchanting, transporting, ec- static. Tormenting, disgust- imj, obnoxious. Bliss, felicity, bles- sedness. Suffering, tribulation, pain, dolor. Handsome, lovely, charming, fair, pretty, graceful, exquisite, beauteous, bewitch- ing, attractive, picturesque, comely. Since, inasmuch as, for, as. Yet, notwithstanding, however, although, nevertheless.

Signal, sign, call by gesture, nod. Suit, adorn, fit, set off, be appropriate to; get or grow to, turn to, change into; befall, bechance, happen to. Disagree, clash, mis- match. Befitting, beseeming, fit, graceful, proper, neat, suit- able, congruous, worthy. Unseemly, indecent, derogatory, unsuitable. Happen, occur, chance, betide. Decent, becoming, suitable, proper, appropriate, expedient.

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  4. Compulsory, obliga- tory; improper, inexpedient. Preceding, in front of; prior to, previous; in advance of, ahead of; hitherto; above, in a former place or previous passage; formerly, of old, al- ready; under the judgment or control of. Behind, after, subse- quently, later. admin