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The narrative flows between Sophie and Alex's experiences and Alex's recollection of those experiences to his mentor Marcus. We soon see Alex is not an accidental tourist of sorts who stumbles over Sophie. Chance happened, Fate stepped in, and Alex seized the moment. Alex saw Sophiethe secrets, the numbness, the WHY as to what she is. Alex wants to free Sophie. He uses his body and hers in ways that on the surface can be seen as kinky play but in reality is the language of true communication.

Alex doesn't allow Sophie to hide from him. He sees her anger for what it is. He sees her pleasure the same. Whether he enters her with fingers, mouth, or cock, Alex is always searching for the truth, for another brick to slide out. Eventually, he offers her three days of giving herself over to him. Sophie, despite her misgivings, accepts.

Thus the tale of self-love begins. The dance isn't about hiding our flaws or searching for perfection.

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It's about honesty and how truth is an ever-fluid thing. Alex believes he knows exactly where and how far to take her. Sophie, trusts him even when she may not trust herself, and finds her faith tested. When she falls she hits the ground hard. Which brings me to the erotica. RG proves herself to be the master of all things wonderfully dirty.

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She takes these sexual acts, ones we've either all read or experienced a million times, and makes it fresh. I felt trepidation as Sophie lay over his knee for the first time. When Alex finally slid into Sophie, I felt the long-ago thrill of welcoming a new lover again. Their last scene together I only wish I was taller so I could try it out myself. Hell, I might have to rig several pillows to get some height so I can do it. Wanna know what it was?

Alex wiggled into my mind. I left it stripped. The story stirred up questions in me, ones that had been there for years. Just like Alex didn't allow Sophie to turn away from her truths, I wasn't allowed to turn away from mine. I strongly, strongly suggest anyone who is looking for erotica with depth to read The Waiting Room. It is worth the mind-fuck. View all 5 comments. Apr 02, Anna Bananas! And suprisingly funny at times. Coherent review to come. All I can say now is I loved every letter of it. Thank you, Katinka, for recommending this author.

View all 17 comments. Dec 15, Wicked Incognito Now rated it it was amazing Shelves: I usually don't read novellas, I like to feel drawn in by a longer story and novellas usually feel lacking. However, this novella was just long enough. I was so absorbed in the reading that any longer would've been too much. This story is a psychological delving into the mind that is wholly realistic and gritty yet strangely pure and beautiful.

In every literary genre I read, I find that there is this huge block of popular books, within the genre, that I just can't relate to. Other readers of the I usually don't read novellas, I like to feel drawn in by a longer story and novellas usually feel lacking. But eventually, within that genre, I find my groove.

I find my favorite authors--popular or not so much. Once I find the authors I love, it is so much easier to find other authors I love. Well, this hasn't happened with erotica. I want to read erotica. I'm slightly twisted that way. But I don't want to read anymore of the utter nonsense I've encountered thus far. It's all so trite, unrealistic, and with a complete lack of professional development. It saddens me, because I know the type of erotica I want to read is out there. Yesterday,I happened upon a listopia list at Amazon with Remittance Girl on it and now I've finally found the type of erotica I've been looking for.

Remittance Girl wrote on her profile: As a writer, I feel very strongly that the erotica genre has suffered greatly over the years from a lack of quality, good editorship, and a dearth of publishers willing to put new material out there. It seems to have been appropriated by two literary camps: These days most erotic fiction is either a romance novel with the spicy bits left in or, on the other side of the spectrum, stroke fiction with the solitary and express purpose of providing guided masturbatory fantasies.

This is sad, because I think erotic fiction, as a genre, should be neither and both those things, but it ought to be more, as well. I have no objection to representations of romantic entanglements in erotica, just as I have no objections to them in a sci-fi novel. Nor do I have any objections to a reader finding that a specific story arouses them to the point of wanting to masturbate. But there are perfectly good genres where either of those reader desires are fulfilled specifically. I believe that erotica, as a genre, should deal with the theme of erotic desire and, ideally, how desire informs, changes and manipulates the lives of the characters who are desirous.

If erotic fiction can be this, then I think it has the potential to be an important cultural product, and should be proudly included in the literary cannon. I completely agree with the author's point-of-view here. It's so difficult to slog through the mess of erotica available to find the good stuff. I just knew it existed though! Wish me luck in trying to dig out more good stuff from the pile after I read Remittance Girl's entire backlist.

View all 3 comments. I'm sitting here debating between stars but Alex completely won me over and I never felt like kicking the heroine so 5 stars it is This is literary erotica. The distinction between it and erotic romance may not seem very large but the chasm can be huge. Largely psychological with a couple of protagonists who you desperately want to get to know this one screws around with your head quite a bit. I did not get Sophie at all for the longest time - didn't understand her. Alex I got - he made sense to me and his background was just out of reach until he started talking to his mentor in the intervening chapters.

The push and pull This is literary erotica. The push and pull here are aptly demonstrated by the mesmerizing dialogue and descriptions. The author has a particular gift in drawing you in to the character's environment and swallowing you whole. May 26, Joy rated it it was amazing Shelves: My very favorite type of book--well written, thought provoking--what else could a reader want? May 16, Brie rated it really liked it. The subject was daunting to me, but I usually enjoy the books Janine recommends so I decided to check out the author.

The book opens with Sophie getting ready to spend the night in the waiting room of a Cambodian train station. She falls asleep but a noise of a zipper lowering awakens her, and when she opens her eyes Originally posted at Romance Around the Corner This review on Dear Author caught my attention. She falls asleep but a noise of a zipper lowering awakens her, and when she opens her eyes she sees him masturbating. She becomes aroused by him, the setting and something inside her, so she ends up masturbating with him.

Explaining more would mean spoiling the plot but one thing you should know is that Alex, the stranger, is not a perv and neither is Sophie. He has been watching her for days and can recognize something in her, something akin to the man he used to be years ago. He wants to fix her for her wellbeing but also for the power that comes from it.

I had sex every day for 30 days - here's exactly what went down

One of the aspects I found really interesting about the story is how the power progressively shifts from Alex to Sophie. She goes from broken and just wandering, to broken but ready to fix herself. There were many things about her that remain a mystery. But is that true?

Was she suppressing memories? Alex was even more mysterious and half the time I saw him more as a tool to help Sophie than anything else. His character arc was about accepting mistakes and not being so cocky. As I said, he wants to help Sophie, but he also wants the power and feeling of ownership that comes from it. But I want you to consider what you were in love with—her or her illness. Do you really think you could see through it to the essential Sophie? BDSM is a key element of the plot but the sex scenes are not heavy.

Finally, I must warn you that this is a highly erotic book, but not a romance. The story is raw and gritty, and the content and language used may not be for everyone. Aug 03, Karen rated it liked it. Alex and Sophie meet at a waiting room of a train station in Cambodia, and have a little tryst, which turns into a full blown sexathon for a few days while they're waiting for the torrential rain to clear.

Although it was generally well written, it left me feeling somewhat confused, in a 'what the fuck is going on? I'm a bit hungover today - maybe it's me??? I liked Alex, but I wanted to know more about his backstory with Marcus. Sophie was a bit of a loose cannon and I didn't know what to expect with her - really, what was her deal? The sex was really hot and plentiful. But, please speak in plain English and not riddles. No one in the real world speaks like this. I didn't like that I knew very little of Sophie pre-Cambodia, at times I was confused at the talking in riddles, I didn't like the cover, and it ended abruptly.

A lot of show and very little tell. BUT, it was worth devoting the few hours it took to read it, and I would try more from this author. Mar 19, Shesquiet Quiet rated it it was amazing. I was sucked in on the first page and did not put the book down - I read it straight through to the end. Not a HEA book, either - which made it feel so possibly real. I enjoyed Sophie's struggles - both internal and with Alex - the denouement was not entirely predictable - and there were no loose ends left at the close. Beautifully written, the book gave me such a clear vision of Hanoi and Phnom Penh - had Remittance Girl included photos, I don't think I would more clearly envision the characters and their surroundings.

I could taste, smell and feel with them - a lovely gritty story with the steamiest sex I've read in some time. I trembled with Sophie when she was conflicted; I flinched at the blows Alex so kindly shared. A refreshing, fantastic story - I wish I could read it again for the first time. May 07, Adrienne rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is my favourite kind of erotica, a story that makes you think, and one that has enabled me think of other erotica stories I've read in a different light Nov 15, Monique rated it it was amazing Shelves: Originally reviewed at The Forbidden Bookshelf.

The Waiting Room begins with a very unusual introduction. They are both expatriates who are on their way back to Hanoi where they both work. It seems the next train is not due for several hours and nightfall has quickly descended upon them. This was a deeply emotional book about a man who saw a broken woman from a distance and built up a fascination and need to try and fix her.

Alex saw in Sophie what he had experienced himself. He sensed in her a feeling of self-loathing and worthlessness that kept her from interacting on a deeper level with other people. He felt that if she did not do something soon she would lose herself to her angst and not be able to come back from it.

When train service is halted due to flooding, Alex asks Sophie to stay with him for three days and let him help her to get over her depression and self-loathing. She agrees and what happens next is an emotional look into the interworking of the psychological journey that Alex takes her through. Sophie has a long history of disassociating during sexual acts. Alex uses pain, bondage and speech to keep her mind tethered to her body during their encounters. No not interesting…It was exquisite; like opening a rusty old door and finding such treasures behind it.

Oh, Marcus, she did like pain, very much. This scares her and her flight response is triggered several times during the novel. Horrified, Sophie suddenly realized what Alex had done to her; this was his legacy. The switch was gone. She was condemned to consciousness. After reading The Waiting Room I was really disappointed with how it ended.

It took a second read through for me to realize that the story had to end the way it did in order for Sophie to really find that inner strength that she would need to keep herself grounded. I loved the patient and understanding way that Alex dealt with Sophie and his German accented speech made me smile. The way he treated Sophie was heartwarming but her inner struggles with herself were sometimes heart breaking. This novel was very well written and the flow was perfect.

The Waiting Room was a compelling book and I would recommend this to readers that are looking for a deep and emotional story that will leave a lasting impression on them. Jan 05, Alyssa Turner rated it really liked it.

Week 1, Attempt 2: Getting It Right

Remittance Girl must be applauded for her talent in the art of transporting her readers out of their chairs and into the moment. The Waiting Room is a trip to Southeast Asia as vividly presented as the emotional conflict suffered by her heroine. Amazingly detailed and nuanced, I enjoyed the psychological ingredients laced into every aspect of this unconventional love story. I will term it a love story, in that the characters developed a strong bond in a short amount of time. Though it won't offe Remittance Girl must be applauded for her talent in the art of transporting her readers out of their chairs and into the moment.

Though it won't offer the HEA ending some might want, the rollercoaster ride through their journey is more than rewarding in it's own right. This book was packed with the kind of hot sex that makes you think you should save some for later, but I ended up devouring every lovely detail like a true glutton. Intelligent, poignant and oddly respectful of a most common female dilemma. To be a slut or to be yourself? A question many will find familiar.

Nov 05, Cphe rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love this author's work and that is why I am giving this novella 5 stars. Other reviewers have given the synopsis of this book. So I will say that if you are looking for evocative, intense, hauntingly,descriptive writing Reading the scenes of the Cambodian railway station - you feel as if you are there, can feel the humidity, the heat.

This book would be one of the best I have read in this genre. The writing is beautiful. Jul 29, Texas rated it it was amazing Shelves: Totally loved Sophie and Alex.. Aug 01, Maria rated it really liked it. Dec 25, Saphrina rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I purchased The Waiting Room a few years ago and it occurred to me tonight that I hadn't written a review.

Last year, a study in the Journal of Sex and Research found that negative evaluations of the body and self-consciousness during sex are associated with a tendency to avoid sex. But by avoiding sex, these negative views are perpetuated. So it was a good thing I had to keep going, and it helped. By week three, I barely noticed the scar. Seven days in and we were in a rut.

Rudolph says this is common. And I set the alarm 30 minutes earlier to give M a great wake-up, but pressed the snooze button a few too many times. It got so bad that one night we actually played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would do the work. As much as we complained, once we started, we actually enjoyed it. I was definitely part of the latter. Towards the end of week three, we happened to go for dinner with friends.

The Waiting Room

The women, of course, sympathised, rolling their eyes whenever their boyfriends asked if they could try it. After the laziness of week three, the realisation that our experiment was coming to an end caused us to shift into high gear. So we resolved to try something different every night. Ever heard of Battleship Bodies? This week also included watching porn, something we had done previously.

But when I tried to twist and flick my nipples like the woman on screen, I gasped with pain, not pleasure note to self: Sensual massages were on the list too. Seriously hot — and very unexpected. admin